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Superior Craftsmanship, That's What Mercedes-Benz Offers! So Why Use Anything Other Than Genuine Parts?

At G&N Motors, our love for all that is Mercedes-Benz shows in the quality of our work. This is why we do not leave anything to chance and use only genuine Mercedes-Benz and Bosch parts for repairs.

“I trust this Mercedes Benz Center. All the parts are genuine Mercedes G&N Motors Expertise Motor in Mercedes Benz care and maintenance is astonishing.” Jerry-F, Google Reviews

In using genuine Mercedes-Benz and Bosch parts for repair, you can be certain that the integrity and craftsmanship of your Mercedes-Benz is maintained and we guarantee the enjoyment of a smooth ride to come.

Mercedes-Benz Parts and Accessories R73

At one point or another, all of us have become customers. As a Customer, we expect the best service that a business can provide. This expectation is met with frustration when the business provides mediocre service that does not live up to promises.

We at G&N Motors understand your sentiment and want you to have the best experience when you come through our doors for repair. Our Manager and staff will be ready to assist you with your every need.

“Good lord. Where have these guys been all of my life? G&N Motors not only knows their stuff, but they are courteous, professional, and COMPLETELY AWESOME.” - Margina, Google Reviews

At G&N Motors, we want to make you feel that you are part of the entire process. Our friendly Manager and technicians will be happy to walk you through your Mercedes-Benz diagnosis and will lay out all the information for you. You are kept in the loop from pre-diagnosis to completion of repairs.

“The best part for me was the personalized service - they spent the time to explain everything that was being done, in terms I could understand, and why they were doing it. It really took some of the "black box" out of auto repair. I would highly recommend G&N Motors as an honest, fair priced, and technically competent alternative.” Courtney, Google Reviews

When you leave your Mercedes-Benz with us, you can rest easy knowing that you have left your Mercedes-Benz in good hands.

“G&N Motors makes sure that everything is done in your best interest.” - Justin, Google Reviews

So the next time you need repairs done on your Mercedes-Benz, come see us. We’ll be glad to help. In fact we will run a complete diagnostic free of charge and we back all our work with our exclusive Unlimited Mileage Guarantee*
Don’t wait till the problem gets worse call today and get it fixed right the first time for a fair price. 

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Major work is backed by one year unlimited mileage guarantee. Minor adjustments and tune-ups carry a six month, unlimited mileage guarantee. Guarantee covers all parts and labor. Some exceptions apply call for details (310) 441-1956

Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975 - Federal Law Prohibits any dealer from implying or denying routine warranty service because scheduled routine maintenance was performed at an independent facility,
Title 15 Chapter 50 sections 2301-2312 US Federal Code