G&N Motors MBZ Certified Mercedes-Benz Service&Repair


When It Comes To Mercedes-Benz Repair G&N Motors Does It All.

It does not matter if you are missing a screw or need your entire engine rebuilt. G&N Motors is there to take care of you and your Mercedes. We are experts at troubleshooting and will identify a problem. Even better we will show you how to prevent them. We do all types of repairs (this is just the short list).

From small jobs like:

Replacing Mercedes-Benz radiator hoses and coolant
Replacing MBZ Fuel & Air filters
Wheel Balancing
Mercedes-Benz key repair
Mercedes-Benz brake fluid flush
Mercedes-Benz Lubrication
Tune UP and Spark Plug replacement
Servicing Mercedes-Benz check engine light
Mercedes-Benz oil change
 And More ...

And slightly advanced Mercedes repair like:

Mercedes-Benz Fuel Injectors
Diagnosing and fixing Mercedes-Benz transmission problems
Mercedes-Benz Rear Differential
Mercedes-Benz oil leaks
Mercedes-Benz battery and charging systems
Mercedes-Benz electrical problems
Mercedes-Benz electrical diagnostic
Mercedes-Benz battery and charging systems
Mercedes-Benz air conditioning and heating - climate
Mercedes-Benz cooling systems serviced and repaired
Mercedes-Benz doors, windows and seats, sunroof

Mercedes-Benz water pump

 And More ...

To the most complex repairs

Mercedes-Benz diesel repair
Mercedes-Benz complete engine overhaul
Mercedes-Benz valve jobs
Mercedes-Benz complete computer diagnostic
Mercedes-Benz computer version coding
Mercedes-Benz engine and transmission rebuilding
Mercedes-Benz transmission overhaul
Mercedes-Benz trouble shooting
 And More ...

The bottom line is if you need a repair we can handle it. Not only will we get it done right the first time at a fair price, but we will only use Genuine Mercedes-Benz and Bosch parts.

“You just won't find a better place to get your Mercedes repaired than G&N Motors. There's no complimentary cappuccino like at the dealer but, quite frankly, I'd rather have the car fixed properly. I took my car to the local dealer a few years back. I told them I thought the problem was a broken front sway bar mount and left it for them to repair. After the dealer had had the car for couple of days I was told that they still didn't know what was causing the noise but that they did know that I needed $1800 worth of other repairs to the front end. Including new shocks. New shocks had been installed two months prior. I decided to pick the car up and take it to G&N. After a quick glance under the front bumper George says, "Yup, your sway bar mount is gone - $60 - it'll take about half an hour can you wait?" George and the G&N team really know what they're doing. They are honest, their prices are more than fair, they only use Mercedes parts and they're damn nice people.” – John W., Google Reviews

Get Your Mercedes-Benz Repaired Right,
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Major work is backed by one year unlimited mileage guarantee. Minor adjustments and tune-ups carry a six month, unlimited mileage guarantee. Guarantee covers all parts and labor. Some exceptions apply call for details (310) 441-1956

Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975 - Federal Law Prohibits any dealer from implying or denying routine warranty service because scheduled routine maintenance was performed at an independent facility,
Title 15 Chapter 50 sections 2301-2312 US Federal Code