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There's A Reason We Refer To George As The Mercedes-Benz Doctor!

If you are having problems with your Mercedes-Benz it is probably safe to say you want it fixed right the first time. You don’t want to be overcharged and you don’t want to pay for the wrong work to be done. At G&N Motors we will give you a free diagnostic and will find the real problem. Our ability to do this effectively has won us the loyalty of countless customers. Here are just a few of their stories.

“My name is ruth, I have a 2001 S500 Mercedes Benz, I've been to so many different dealers, and i have been ripped off and they never fixed my car properly. A friend of mine, named Sheela is a long time customer for G&N Motors and he gave me the phone number, I called and spoke with George and my car broke down in the middle of the freeway, i towed the car to G&N motors they inspected the car, which the other dealer couldn’t fix, but eventually they determined the problem and my car kept dying, George called me back saying that my crank shift sensor was not working properly and they replaced it with a new one. I picked up the car, and my car runs like a champ and all my problems are solved” - Ruth, Google Reviews

" G&N Motors mercedes benz certified service facility. I'm a long time customer.They make sure you feel confortable from the time you walk through the door.
I have 3 mercedes benz 560SL E320 Cabriolet convertable,S550 mercedes benz.G&N Motors the manager and the technitions are very through with there explanations and they make sure that you understand everything.The best part of G&N Motors (besides the amaingly friendly staff) is the fact that they are trustworthy. I know when i take my mercedes benz for a repair.NO extra work will be done for them to "cash in"on my car.T hey are straight forward about the work that needs to be done. I have been going there for a long time and i have zero complaints. I brought my 560SL mercedes,the transmission was slipping. George and his guys actually took on the warranty company for me since they kept saying it "wasn't bad enough"I was 6 months pregnant and wasn't happy with the transmission slipping and not being bad enough.  George and his staff made the phone calls for me to ensure my safety and that the warranty company wasn't taking advantage of the situation. Not many people can say that there car repair shop will go to bat for them. They got a approval from warranty company and they repaired my transmition. I would refer this place to anyone -my mom, daugter, son,etc. There a great Mercedes Benz service and repair shop.”
- Linda, Google Reviews

“G & N Motors has been servicing my (multiple) Mercedes Benz cars over 23 years & I am extremely fussy about my cars. They have rebuilt one engine (230SL), rebuilt one transmission (190E), head (560SL) over the years. EVERY repair that they do is completed RIGHT the FIRST time and at REASONABLE PRICES. I moved to Laguna Beach 13 years ago and I still take my cars there only. They are an HONEST and FAIR repair shop.” - Joe, Google Reviews

This place is unbelievable when it comes to service and quality of work. With more than thirty years of experience on mercedes benz vehicles only, and they are factory trained, certified, technicians, Bosch authorized service center and a great attention to detail, you'll know why these guys have been around that long. i have a 560 SEL Mercedes-Benz, i have a problem with my idle, it is too high and my ABS light is on, i've been to so many mercedes shops and dealerships and every one of them tried to sell me idol control actuator and ABS control unit and they were giving me very OUTRAGEOUS prices i started asking my friend for a good mercedes repair shop that is a trustable mercedes shop, they recommended G&N motors is the best Qualified mercedes service center, i live in pasadena and i took my car to west los angeles to G&N motors, as soon as i arrived and i explained my problem and in the matter of a minute, they opened my hood and they replaced a burned fuse top of the overload protection relay and my idol started working normal and my ABS light went off and my car is running great, and they didnt even charge me anything! From now on i will never take my car to any other place, ONLY G&N MOTORS they are the best mercedes qualified repair shop they are the real deal!” - Charles, Google Reviews

Get Your Mercedes-Benz Repaired Right,
Call (310) 441-1956 For A Free Diagnostic.

Major work is backed by one year unlimited mileage guarantee. Minor adjustments and tune-ups carry a six month, unlimited mileage guarantee. Guarantee covers all parts and labor. Some exceptions apply call for details (310) 441-1956

Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975 - Federal Law Prohibits any dealer from implying or denying routine warranty service because scheduled routine maintenance was performed at an independent facility,
Title 15 Chapter 50 sections 2301-2312 US Federal Code

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