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Discover The Easiest Way To Rebuild A Classic Mercedes-Benz To Its Original Beauty.

“When you need legal advice, you go to an attorney, when you need a physical check-up, you go to a doctor, if you need a Mercedes Benz specialist, you definitely should go to G&N Motors.” - Joe, Google Reviews

We at G&N Motors, view the classic Mercedes-Benz as a work of art, a piece of history that has to be preserved for generations to come. It is with our love for this piece of history and our passion for keeping a tradition alive, that our business has ventured into the rebuilding of the classic Mercedes-Benz.

Classic Mercedes-Benz Convertable in repair shop

A lot goes in to rebuilding a classic and so we at G&N Motors, only trust the specialists with extensive knowledge to facilitate in the rebuilding of your Mercedes-Benz.

Hundreds of man-hours is spent on the rebuilding of your vintage Mercedes-Benz to ensure that only the highest quality standards are complied with. Every detail is meticulously examined to ensure that we get everything down to a tee. The result is an automobile with its luster and beauty revived.

Restored Classic Mercedes Benz Interior

We make sure that your Mercedes-Benz gets only the best quality parts and accessories. This is why only genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and accessories are used.

We have an extensive inventory of parts and accessories ready for use in rebuilding. If any part or accessory is not on stock, we are always prompt in placing an order for the item from our suppliers.
Our Mercedes-Benz facility is equipped to handle all types of vintage Mercedes-Benz. Classics such as the 1955 190SL, to 1991 W126, whether you’re taking it in for cosmetic or mechanical rebuild, we are the people to see.


Classic Silver Mercedes-Benz Convertable

With the combination of traditional craftsmanship and the latest innovations in technology, we are able to bring these works of art back to life for you to enjoy for years to come.

No matter how minor or complex the rebuild may be, with us, you only get one result, quality rebuild, every time.

Come and visit us today. We would be glad to sit down with you and discuss your goals. 

Call Today! (310) 441-1956 For A FREE Consultation.


 Mercedes-Benz Unlimited Mileage Guarantee  

Major work is backed by one year unlimited mileage guarantee. Minor adjustments and tune-ups carry a six month, unlimited mileage guarantee. Guarantee covers all parts and labor. Some exceptions apply call for details (310) 441-1956


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Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975 - Federal Law Prohibits any dealer from implying or denying routine warranty service because scheduled routine maintenance was performed at an independent facility,
Title 15 Chapter 50 sections 2301-2312 US Federal Code


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