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Transmission Repair

Transmission issues fit into a couple of similar groups:

  1. Will not move.
  2. Does not move smoothly

Both of these categories of issues develop from similar problems inside your tranny, therefore regardless of what your Mercedes-Benz does, the following is applicable.

Is your fluid level adequate?

It's vital to look at your tranny fluid at a minimum of two times each year. Not only can a low fluid level be the reason your Mercedes shifts improperly, it could in time result in transmission breakdown, and a expensive repair. If your Mercedes-Benz seems to be losing fluid all the time, you could have a leak.

Is your tranny leaking?

Checking for leaks is not as difficult as it might appear. The tranny is a closed system, so there's not many places that are going to leak. Unless it has been changed to a non-dyed fluid, your Mercedes has red transmission fluid. Here are some points to evaluate for leaks:

  • At the filler tube base.
  • At the drain hole underneath the tranny.
  • Between the tranny and the engine.
  • At the selector shaft - the rod that connects your gear shift to the tranny.
  • Speed sensor mounting point. This could either be your cable screwing into the transmission housing or an electronic sensor bolted to the housing.
  • The radiator. If your car has a transmission cooler, it's likely that a leak can cause transmission fluid to leak into the radiator fluid. They do not mix very well, so you are able to view it floating around inside.

Is your filter stopped up?

Your transmission's filter is critical to its performance. If you had not replaced your filter in a while (or ever for a number of us), make certain you impliment this before you begin speaking about rebuilds or replacements.

Time for a rebuild?

Mercedes-Benz Transmision Repair R87When your tranny gets to be worked enough, you'll need to have it reconstructed. It certainly is the truth. For quite a few models of Mercedes, it happens to be true a tad too often, but that is neither here nor there. The main thing is checking any other possible factors to your problem prior to taking the tranny apart, which happens to be very costly. If you have not replaced your filter up to this point, do it now! This corrects a great percentage of tranny problems. If your filter is fine, and nothing simple is out of adjustment, a rebuild may be in order. 




 Transmission Repair R86


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