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Expert Mercedes-Benz Repair and Service, Knowledgeable Mechanics, Exceptional Service And Fair Prices, Are Just A Few Reasons Why G&N Motors Is Getting So Many Rave Reviews.

G&N Motors is so proud of the reviews our customers have left on Yelp & Google Reviews that we put them on our website. We are happy that we did because with because Google lost many of these due to their many updates. You can still see many reviews on our Google Plus page or you can read those and many more below.

Greatest Mercedes Benz Facility I've ever been to
5 Stars on Yelp by Karin B.- Pasadena, CA
I've been to over 25 different mercedes repair shops and no one can fix my S550 2014. I had an electrical issue on my car and 13 different dealerships couldn't fix it.

I was searching on Yelp and I spotted g & n motors. I went there and spoke with George, I made an appointment and I left my mercedes there.

He later diagnosed the problem and called me, he explained my cars electrical issue clearly. He told me it would take two to three weeks and I told him I don't care how long it'll take I just want it fixed properly.

After a couple weeks I picked up my car and the issue was completely fixed.

Until now I have been driving my car without any problems and I definitely recommend G & N motors over any mechanical repair shops no matter what anyone says. They are #1 on my list! 38 different Mercedes repair facilities couldn't fix my car but G & N motor did it!

What a difference!!!!!
5 Stars on Yelp by Lola D.- Beverly Hills, CA

I have never really been completely satisfied with the service I recieved at my Mercedes Benz Dealer. My husband brought my car to G&N Motors.

What a difference!!!!!

My car runs better then the day I got it! Thank you so much George!!

The business was very organized, professional, and clean. The gentleman working there were so honest!! That is hard to find.

My sister has been coming to George for years and refuses to let anyone else touch her car.

So yes will I recommend G&N Motors , to friends and family knowing they will be taken care of with employees who have great knowledge of Luxury German cars.

But most importantly the company is honest!!! Great service, I feel so lucky to have found them!!

If any one is looking for a very reasonably priced German luxury car to be professionally serviced,that you can trust. Look no further!!! They are the best!! And I am so thankful for the great job and wonderful customer service!! 

Mercedes Benz Check Engine Light Repair
Rated 5.0 by 5.0 by William Swanson

Drove to LAX for a weekend convention from Central California. Had the "check engine" light come on in San Fernando Valley late Thursday.
Called G & N early Friday and took it in. With several cars already there,  within 5 minutes they had it on a tester. Within 15 minutes, I had an estimate.
Five hours later they had replaced all the spark plugs and wires and the car was running strong. I was afraid we'd be stranded out of town, but G&N really saved our trip.
Got home with no problem. If we lived in the area, we'd use G&N all the time.
2006 ML500 Replaced Transmission
Rated 5.0 by 5.0 by Robert Castro
I spent $3000 at OTHER SHOPS replacing a propeller shaft (Drive Shaft), bearings, rear half shafts, bushings and shocks trying to get rid of a vibration at 45mph before my transmission finally gave out. No one could diagnose the real problem, which was my transmission was damaged.
After the trans finally gave out (stuck in 1st gear) I had the car towed to a euro garage friend of mine to have the transmission problem diagnosed. Since he is not an expert on Mercedes, what he could tell me for sure was that I needed an expert shop to fix it. I called several dealers and a couple of independent shops.
The dealers wanted from $9600 to $12,600 to replace the transmission. The 2 indie shops I talked to were the same. I found G & N Motors on the internet because of their work on the electronic controller unit of the Mercedes 722.9 transmission. I spoke with George, described my problem and had my car towed to his garage.
He gave me frank honest options; fix for a couple of thousand and no telling when it breaks down again (because the planetary gears were damaged but still operational), or replace the transmission with a Mercedes-Benz factory rebuilt trans with an MBUSA 2 year warranty. My cost from G & N was approximately the same as the cost of the parts cost quoted in the $9600 lowest quote, previously received.
I had to wait a couple of weeks for the re-manufactured trans to come from Germany. When he got the trans the car was ready in 2 days. They also went through the car and fixed some lights and replaced one of the batteries, so I had no more error messages.
The car runs like new and I have had no problems in the 8 months since G & N fixed the car. I have met other car owners at this shop who swear by G&N's work as well.
Mercedes parts are very expensive, so you need a real expert to tell you what's really going on with your car so you don't blow up cash on unnecessary parts and repairs.
Dealer repair shops should send their mechanics over to G&N to be properly trained.
I live 122 miles away from G & N and I won't take my car anywhere else now
2005 Mercedes E55 AMG
Rated 5.0 by 5.0 by Arsen Tumanyan
Hi My name is Arsen Tumanyan and I can say lot of good things about G&N Motors and the people that work inside the shop, George and his technicians. They updated all my computer systems and I feel like my car is brand new again. They are the best.

I found G&N Motors on Google when I searched for transmission mechanic MBZ. The search results showed George with his picture right there on top. It was the first link so I clicked it and I was reading his reviews for almost 45 minutes. Maybe 60 to 70 reviews and I was convinced, so next day I went there and they fixed my cars problems.

I have a 2005 E55AMG and I had problem with the shifter column, the transmission and engine oil needed to be changed along with the motor mount and transmission mount. Before I went to G&N Motors, about two months ago, I asked a Mechanic at Glendale Calstar Mercedes Benz how much they charge for a transmission oil change. He took a look and said the price is $380. That’s only to change the transmission oil. George he told me he would do it for $150 which is the best price I could find anywhere.

I am so happy with them. After they updated all my computer systems and fixed my car problems, I drove home and it’s like my Benz came back to life! I swear and so cheap. I’m sure the dealer would have charged me more than $4000 for all the repairs but I only paid $1700 thanks George!
Rated 5.0 by 5.0 by Richard

I own an older 1999 Mercedes C280 with 165k miles which over the years has been serviced through G&N (~78k miles to now). Like most I dread seeing the check-engine light because of the expensive repairs that lie ahead. I had visited numerous repair shops throughout the LA area to get quotes and get a feel for the place since I was tired of getting annoyingly bad and expensive dealer service, and George at G&N motors is by far the most knowledgeable.

For the worn gaskets/seals/shocks/mounts/etc, that I have needed to replace, the other guys always recommend a list of unnecessary repairs that quickly add up to thousands. I use the word unnecessary because when I take it to G&N, George and his staff get the job done quickly and efficiently, replacing the necessary components to get the car going.

I have no complaints with their warranty and service, as George himself has even paid for a cab to take me back to work. I recommend them highly to all Mercedes owners.

Rated 5.0 by 5.0 by Steven

The left turn signal on my Mercedes-Benz CLK430 would NOT stop blinking. I called around and these guys quoted me ~$75 less than other shops. So I was a bit suspicious (of hidden fees maybe?), but I gave them a shot anyway. I was the first one there and they were super friendly and professional.

They promptly dropped me off at work and picked me up during my lunch break as promised. When they gave me the bill, it turned out to be ~$50 less than what they quoted! I was floored. These guys know how to run a top notch business... by keeping customers coming back. Hopefully nothing else will go wrong with my car... but if it does, you bet your a$$ I'll be paying these guys another visit.

Rated 5.0 by 5.0 by Michael

G&N Motors MBZ certefied Mercedes Benz is the best place to take your Mercedes Benz. I was recommended to G&N Motors from a Mercedes Benz dealer and it's the only place I want to take my Mercedes. Right now I have a S63 Mercedes. I used to spend thousands every year on service and repairs at the dealership,but ever since I was told about G&N Motors I've been saving money left and right. A repair that was going to cost me $6000 at the dealership G&N Motors did for $3500 Wow and that was just the start of a great relationship.

I don't only go to G&N Motors for the savings but for the feel.I trust them on how they work on my vehicle. Every time I go they make me feel like family they always explain everything my car needs in a way that i can understand and make sure that I am satisfied with the work before I drive off, he will even call later that day to make sure everything is OK that is top notch!!

I recommend this shop to anybody who is tired of getting ripped off by Mercedes Benz dealerships, but still want High Quality service. #1 in service.These days it is hard to find a great Mercedes Benz service facility center like G&N Motors. Not only is George my technition he is also a friend Thank you G&N Motors and keep up with great service with Mercedes Benz!!! Michael

Rated 5.0 by 5.0 by Mercedes

 I purchased a 2006 S63 Mercedes Benz from Newport Beach a few months back. When I received my Mercedes I wanted it to be fully checked out to make sure when I was driving down the road at 140 miles an hour the car would hold up, its 4 years old. I searched LA for a good shop that worked on Mercedes Benz cars only. I found three – one of which was the dealer. THE DEALER WAS WAY TO EXPENSIVE!!! I called G&N Motors Mercedes Service Center and spoke with a guy named George. He asked me to bring the car down for him to take a look at.

When I got there I voiced my concerns about the car. He said it would take about 2 hours to go through the car, he would do a full throughly inspection on my Mercedes Benz and let me know what, if anything he finds. There would be absolutely no charge for inspection and I did the repairs with them , they found some items which is more amount transmition mount ,B service,fan belt,front and rear brake pads,and rotors. When I arrived at his shop the car was up on a lift. He went through each item and showed it to me it was an all safety issue do it now. I was not just told – I was shown each problem. I opted to just get them all done in one shot. When I compared his prices to the dealership, G&N Motors Mercedes Service Center was about 30-40% less. The car was completed in about 4 days.

I did need to bring it back one time – but it was handled perfectly and at no charge to me. THEY HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE! Well as long as I live in California. There Pros honest and proffesional.

Rated 5.0 by 5.0 by Miguel

I have to add my voice to the rave reviews here which originally directed me to G&N Motors Service & Repair Center. My S63 Mercedes Benz just went over the 5 year warranty and when I brought it in to the dealer for a light replacement I was hit with a list of problems "that were dangerous and needed immediate attention". This is 2 months after my annual maintenance visit there, with no problems found and now with an estimate of over $5000 dollars. I also was shocked that everyone I had previously dealt with had left, the manger, assistant service manager and 3 service reps that I had always dealt with. I explained the situation to G&N Motors and he told me to bring the car in for a free estimate.

Half of Mercedes dealer's "problems" were not necessary and the repair of the remaining few was less than half of the estimated cost at Mercedes Benz dealer.They did an outstanding job and they are very professional. I picked my Mercedes it was spotless clean and found the courtesy and ... I have to add my voice to the rave reviews here which originally directed me to G&N Motors Service & Repair Center. My S63 Mercedes Benz just went over the 5 year warranty and when I brought it in to the dealer for a light replacement I was hit with a list of problems "that were dangerous and needed immediate attention". This is 2 months after my annual maintenance visit there, with no problems found and now with an estimate of over $5000 dollars.

I also was shocked that everyone I had previously dealt with had left, the manger, assistant service manager and 3 service reps that I had always dealt with. I explained the situation to G&N Motors and he told me to bring the car in for a free estimate. Half of Mercedes dealer's "problems" were not necessary and the repair of the remaining few was less than half of the estimated cost at Mercedes Benz dealer.They did an outstanding job and they are very professional. I picked my Mercedes it was spotless clean and found the courtesy and expertise outstanding.Like others here there aren't enough superlatives to describe the service.

It is conveniently located a quarter of a mile from Century city for easy drop-off and return from your shopping. Don't even think of using a Mercedes Benz dealer even if your under factory warranty. This is the best Mercedes Benz repair experience I have ever had with my Mercedes. No one can do a much better job than G&N Motors because they are the best of the best Mercedes Benz Service & Repair Center.

Rated 5.0 by 5.0 by Seemon 

I am very happy to sing the praises of G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Facility. I came to G&N Motors about three months ago with my 2008 E 350. I heard a strange noise in the front of the car. I bought the car to the dealer from where I had bought the car. After being in their repair dept for a week I received a call stating they could not locate or copy the noise. My neighbor also owns a Mercedes and recommended G&N Motors to me.

After meeting George I understood what my neighbor meant that “as soon as you meet George you will feel comfortable and confident that he is the right guy to solve your problem.” My neighbor was dead right, my Mercedes Benz was repaired and ready for me to pick up in a couple of days. Since that time I have had minor repairs and scheduled preventative that G&N Motors has taken care of in a timely and professional manner. For those who are thinking about trying G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Facility I say “do it” you'll be glad you did. They are the best and honest. Sometimes it takes time to pinpoint the problem but your Mercedes will be running in a tip top condition.

Rated 5.0 by 5.0 by Sabrina K.

G&N Motors is such a hidden treasure. Got word from a friend and noticed all the google reviews so I had to see what the deal was.
I had to get new brakes/rotors, B service,motor mount, & trans mount on my Mercedes Benz S550. I would refer this place to all my friends, for mercedes benz cars. Seriously the best service I have had.
I am a new Mercedes Benz car owner. so getting service on my Mercedes is a scary thing and a nightmarish expensive thing as well. The dealership had given me little to no info on the issue at hand, just that I needed brake pads, rotors B service,motor mount & transmission mount and to come in and pay them some ridiculous amount of money.

I researched and found G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service Center... THANK GOD I brought in my car, and i spoke with George what the dealership had told me, and he took care of the rest. He even, more importantly, explained to me why I needed brakes and rotors and all the service so soon and that it was nothing I did or didn't do (which made me feel a million times better). He showed me the old parts and took the time to really let me know how it all worked. That is a great Mercedes Benz service technician. Instead of just fixing it and passing me off on my night, he took the time to explain it to me and show that he cared about me and my car and my safety. That right there will make me come back for sure. -The shop was clean, as far as I could see.

-The staff that I met was very nice. -The work was done in a timely manner and a followup call was made. -Prices were very reasonable and definitely cheaper than the dealer. -They have rental cars available down the block, which is a huge plus and advantage! -They take Debit/Credit cards which is great. Most places only take checks or cash and that is always irritating to me. (no checks) -The shop is in a great location between santa monica & century city, close to my work,( I work in Beverly Hills) but also close to fast food and some restaurants if you needed to stay with your car. I was told to ask for George and that is exactly what I did .. He took care of me and I am very happy with my service. I will be using G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service and Repair center in the future if my great Mercedes Benz needs any other service. They Are AWESOME!

Rated 5.0 by 5.0 by Michelle

The first time I serviced my Mercedes Benz S550 2007 , I made the horrible mistake of taking it to a dealership mechanic. Not only did I spend a half hour being passed around on the phone like a monkey trying to set up an appointment, After they excepted my Mercedes Benz i had to tow my S550 to the dealership and they kept my Mercedes Benz for 4 days.After four days they couldnt varify my Mercedes Benz problem.

My old and wise neighbor recommended G&N Motors MBZ Certified Mercedes Benz Service& Repair center so I I gave them a call and i spoke with George I had to tow my Mercedes from the dealership to G&N Motors after a day they called me back my mercedes fuel pump and relay had a problem and thats the reason my mercedes couldnt start and the dealer couldnt varify the problem and i gave them an ok and they repaired my mercedes and i picked it up ,its running great with no problem. the next time I needed my Mercedes Benz serviced.

Within two minutes, I had an appointment time set up with them, an estimate on how much the service would be (half that of the dealership), the amount of time it would take (no more than three hours) and the priceless feeling that I was in good hands. When I showed up at G&N Motors,, the manager greeted me by name and had my car in the shop within minutes. I was then led inside to the very modern waiting room, Twenty minutes later, my car was ready. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Period. I will ALWAYS take my Mercedes Benz to G&N Motors and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who appreciates top of the line service, the best prices, and some of the friendliest Mercedes Benz Technitions around.

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by Kaylen

It seems like everyone who wrote a review had very positive things to say about G&N Motors and I am here to do the same thing. I took my car 2005 Mercedes Benz CLK 55 AMG for some suspension work,brakes/routers,lower arm bushing,ball joint,shock absorbers,tire modifications and regular B service. All I can say is that they do a top notch job for Mercedes Benz vehicles. All the technitions have tons of experience and there all from variety dealerships and there customer service is exquisite. communication is extraordinary and they make their customers feel welcome. The Manager and the technitions take the time to explain everything they are doing with there customers and they dont try and sell you things you dont want. I highly recommend taking your Mercedes Benz to G&N Motors. They do a great job. Whenever they work on my car, I know I'm going to get consistent service and the work will be done correctly when I pick it up. Plus, everytime I go there, each person there is really ... seems like everyone who wrote a review had very positive things to say about G&N Motors and I am here to do the same thing. I took my car 2005 Mercedes Benz CLK 55 AMG for some suspension work,brakes/routers,lower arm bushing,ball joint,shock absorbers,tire modifications and regular B service. All I can say is that they do a top notch job for Mercedes Benz vehicles. All the technitions have tons of experience and there all from variety dealerships and there customer service is exquisite. communication is extraordinary and they make their customers feel welcome. The Manager and the technitions take the time to explain everything they are doing with there customers and they dont try and sell you things you dont want. I highly recommend taking your Mercedes Benz to G&N Motors. They do a great job. Whenever they work on my car, I know I'm going to get consistent service and the work will be done correctly when I pick it up. Plus, everytime I go there, each person there is really friendly and they are always all smiles. Another bonus is that only work on Mercedes Benz they have all parts stuck on there promises and you dont have to wait for the parts to arrive they already always have it in stock , so they are focused and more specialized on Mercedes Benz which means that they are really good at what they do. A+ for G&N Motors MBZ certified Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Center! Thank you for your honest service

Great Problem Solver Mercedes Benz Service and Repair!
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by Tata

Best Mercedes Benz Repair and Service Shop! The shop G&N Motors is fantastic! The mechanics there are all very friendly and polite and they are the most knowledgeable and confident mechanics I have ever met. I have a CLS 550 AMG and i have rumbling noise coming from the front portion of my Mercedes and Ive been to so many dealers and Mercedes Benz Repair shops and everyone tried to sell me alot of different things which wasnt going to solve the problem.

I was recommended to G&N Motors by a friend when i took my CLS 550 Mercedes to G&N and i explained my problem one of the Technions went rotest with my Mercedes and noticed the problem the rumbling noise after putting the car to the hoise and they inspected my mercedes top to the bottom and i was standing and watching them and they didnt find any problem under the car and they had to rotest the car again to pinpoint the problem and back to the hoise immideatly they went to the right front wheel screws where not tied properly which was causing the rumbling sound when i was driving the car.

The Technion rotested the vehicale and i was inside of the car and the rumbling noise disappeared i was very happy no one can find the problem and everyone tried to figure it out and they tried to sell me different repairs where unnecessary. I was suffering from the noise for one month and no one could figure out the problem. Thank you to my friend who recommended me to G&N Motors.They are the Best repair and service for Mercedes. There team of passionate Mechanics they are Mercedes Benz certified technitions and they are a Bosch authorized service center technitions are genuine and love what they do.that works best, put your customers first, and the money second and let me tell you that model works well because the shop is always packed.
I had been to my fair share of garages over the years.G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service and Repair are the best,friendly,honest,pro,reasonable,and they understand your problems.              -Thank you for your service

Great Mercedes Service and Best price!‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by Alfred

After reviewing the few responses for G&N Motors for Mercedes Benz Repair and Service and speaking directly with George, I got a great feeling about the shop as well as an honest assessment for part and labor on something that was adversely affecting performance and fuel economy on my mercedes benz CL55 AMG and as well as the car was dieing sometimes it will not start immideatly after waiting 15 minutes my Mercedes Benz started again. he talks about finding the problem and overall scheme of things relating to the Mercedes in a way that you know he's the expert. no-nonsense and to the point. he's also fair with pricing and will do what he can to help.

When it comes to my Mercedes G&N Motors they have the best diagnostic up to date diagnostic equipment and testers and analyzers to pin point any problem on my Mercedes Cl55 AMG immideatly they verified the problem on my Mercedes was the cranksheft position censor and a fuel pump was not operating properly and immideatly i authorized the repair and they gave me the car back in three hours.I was back on the road like a happy camper.

Great Mercedes Benz Service,Honest,Pro's,and Reasonable prices and they Immiteadly varify the problem they are the best of the best.I am going to send all my friends who have a Mercedes Benz to G&N Motors, that's what i expect from a mechanic.. will definitelyI will never leave G&N Motors,because on the first visit they inspired me.

Technical Mercedes Benz Repair and Service
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Morris

If you drive anything Mercedes Benz, you know the joys (and pains) that come with it, especially when it comes to auto repairs. I was referred here by another Mercedes Benz dealer when I had some transmission problems on my Mercedes Benz E55 AMG.

One earlier quote from another Mercedes shop I had to get it fixed neared the $7k mark, and I'm glad shopping around paid off. For not even nearly that amount, G&N Motors fixed my Mercedes Benz E55 AMG transmission problem and gave my car B full service including the front and rear brakes & roters plus my left and right ball joints trust arms and the lower controlled arm bushings. All in all, my car came back to me almost as good as new.

G&N motors is a master mechanic they have all Mercedes Benz technitions from all variety dealerships. He definitely knows his stuff and I absolutely trust him with my E55 AMG.

Five stars for the honest, efficient service, clean, respectable garage bays and waiting areas. Spread the word! They are experts on Mercedes Benz Repair and Service. Keep up the Good Work!

Mercedes Awesome Service!
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Eddie

I needed a Mercedes Benz mechanic for my S500 Mercedes after my dealer warranty expired and I didn't know where to take my Mercedes Benz to repair the AC. I consulted with my uncle who is a mechanic in San Diego recommended taking my Mercedes Benz to an AAA approved Mercedes Benz mechanic. After determining that G&N Motors is the best Mercedes Benz Shop/approved mechanic and having received many excellent reviews, I decided to take my car in and have it serviced here.

Their diagnostic fee was no charge (compared to dealer pricing)which the dealer was going to charge me 250 for diagnostic. The parts that needed replacing and labor hours charged, as I described them to my uncle before proceeding with the entire repair order were very reasonable and in line with the possible causes of my AC problem. My Mercedes was repaired to my satisfaction. The Manager, has been operating this business for 25+ years and runs a top notch Mercedes Benz service repair shop.

The staff is friendly and helpful. I got a lift back to work after dropping off my car and I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up my car it was clean and ready to go I got my car serviced on a Friday.Talk about follow up on service! and my Mercedes needs more work to be done and i am going to take it back to G&n Motors because they do excellent work and they kept me very happy. I am happy that I have found a reliable and trustworthy Mercedes Benz Service and Repair mechanics/technitions for my Mercedes

Excellent Mercedes Benz Service -
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Trevor
I Live at Glendale and i was Referred to go to G&N Motors by a friend, because of their excellent Mercedes Benz Service and Repair.

I'm a first time customer at G&N Motors and unlike most Mercedes Benz shops and dealers, that try to make me feel stupid for not being knowledgeable about cars, G&N Motors' staff made me feel very comfortable.

I took in my Mercedes Benz because of a horrible grinding noise I heard while driving. When I picked up my Mercedes, The technician showed me what the problem was... I had run my brakes and calibers for my S500 down to pancakes and totally screwed up my rotors, which ultimately had to be replaced. I felt embarrassed that I let my brakes get so bad, the brake warning light was on and i wasn't paying attention to it and i was still trying to drive the Mercedes, i was trying to save my self more time, thankfully G&N Motors explained to me that any time the warning light comes on, you should bring the car in immediately or contact us to verify what type of problem it is. After a few laughs at the whole situation, they gave me a great deal on the job and he has gained a customer for life. They are awesome, and a great Mercedes Benz service.

Best Mercedes Benz service for SLR Mclaren 
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jason 

I just bought a SLR Mclaren Mercedes Benz. I live in New Port Beach and my SLR had a issue with my Mclaren and the problem was the alternator.My Mercedes was at the Mercedes dealer and they were going to charge me for a alternator replacement and A service $6,000. I was talking to my friends he suggested to pull my SLR Mclaren Mercedes out of the dealership and take it to G&N Motors.

They are the best Mercedes Service and repair center.I called G&N Motors I spoke with the manager and they sent a tow truck and they picked up the car from the Mercedes Dealership and they gave me a very fair reasonable price and they completed my Mclaren in the matter of three days which the dealer was going to keep the car for two weeks.They were going to rip me off with a arm and a leg. This is one of the best repair shops in Southern California. They are honest and have integrity.

There is not much of that around these days. They will not charge you for things that don't need fixing and point out things that you may want to consider. And one very nice thing, they have much reasonable prices than going to a Mercedes dealer. Wonderful people, I really like taking my Mclaren there.Its a very complex machine Finally, there is an honest Mercedes Benz technician/mechanic! If you are considering a place to take your Mercedes Benz vehicle, this place deserves more than 5 stars. Great Place! Honest! Nice personality! and on and on!

Best Mercedes Benz Service In Los Angeles
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Maya

We had a problem with alarm system on our 2005 CLK 320. We are the first time customers at G&N Motors and were a little uneasy to have our car repaired outside of Mercedes Benz dealership. George diagnosed the problem with precision and gave us a reasonable quote to fix this problem. No fees for diagnosis and no pushy sales for unnecessary repairs. We brought the car next day for the actual work. Very professional, timely, honest and friendly service. We are planning to service our Mercedes Benz exclusively at G&N motors from this point on.

You cant go wrong with Mercedes Benz Service
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0By Martha 

My 2005 Mercedes benz CL55 died on me at a stop sign, giving me a "battery/alternator" warning message. I immediately jumped on Google to help me find a reliable Mercedes benz repair shop within the towing distance that my ins company allows.Alot of glowing reviews and the fact that G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service was within my 15 mile radius convinced me to give this place a call.

I AM SO GLAD I DID!! G&N Motors never failed to answer the phone, and all my questions. He called me within a few hours of my car arriving at his shop they diagnosed the Mercedes to let me know it was not my battery or alternator, but a crankshaft position sensor that had gone bad. He explained to me in detail how the part functioned in my car, and why I had received the warning message I did. He then gave me the option to have my Cl 55 Mercedes repair that same day, They had the parts in stock in there parts department.

G&N Motors had the work completed on schedule and for the price he quoted! I was in and out of the shop in minutes. Fast and Friendly service! The waiting room area was really good and the shop was really big. With my invoice in hand I decided to call three different Mercedes repair auto repair shops and ask them to quote me for parts and labor on the sensor. After all, the reviews for this shop stated G&N Motors would give you a fair deal. Turns out he gave me more then a fair price.G&N Motors charged me $285 for parts and labor, while the quotes I received from the other three shops ranged from $390 to $480. I'll be returning to G&N Motors for all my Mercedes Benz repair needs no matter which area I live! They are Great!

Top Notch Mercedes Benz Service
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Karina

I just purchased a GL 450 Mercedes Benz from a less than above-the-board dealer from Glendale and had the "Check Engine" light come on during my drive home, As the car was used, it was "as-is". Needless to say I was freaked (sold my last car 15+ years ago) and looked here (Google) to find a knowledgeable Mercedes Benz mechanic that knew the in's and out's of Mercedes Benz. Needless to say, all roads lead to G&N Motors based on the myriad positive reviews.

The reviews are not hype! They are the genuine article. George ran a full diagnostic, provided a detailed visual inspection and put my mind at ease with an honest and straightforward diagnosis of the car. Instead of trying to hard sell services, G&N Motors actually called the dealer I bought the car from and told him to fix what was wrong with it (emissions / sensors) with no cost to me above his diagnostic (which was very affordable). My wife and 1-1/2 y/o came with me and even though they were swamped, George's guys totally made them feel comfortable and actually took the time to chat with them while I was going through the car with George. Incredible customer service!

A client in front of me when I was tabbing out was chatting with George and she had been using him for 25 years. 'Nuff said. G&N Motors is a truly refreshing place and is completely high-tech and accessible. I highly recommend them to anyone with a Mercedes Benz and anyone who wants to go to a mechanic and not feel like they're going to get fleeced. Thanks, guys!. Pros: Friendly, Fair and Dialed-in Cons: None


‎‎Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Alex

I live in Manhattan Beach,but I took my Mercedes Benz in this past summer after finding G & N Motors on google to West Los Angeles, and I must say that all the reviews were accurate. I went in and told them the symptoms and they took their time with me explaining a few of the solutions and what course can be taken. I think that was to assure me that my Mercedes ML 350 would be in good hands and it was.

They even replaced a brake light that I hadn't noticed was out. My wife just called them for another issue about her MERCEDES BENZ and she was pleased with the patience and respect she received while she asked a few questions. They have earned my trust and whenever I can I talk about my great experience. I am sure if you use them you will have the same experience. WORTH THE TRIP FROM MANHATAN BEACH ,I WILL GO TO THEM ALL THE TIME ,THANKS GEORGE.‎

Awesome Mercedes Benz Service‎‎
‎‎Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By tamara

There are many reasons why these guys have been servicing Mercedes Benz vehicles for over two decades. Firstly, they don't work on your car as if it's just a "car"-- instead, they recognize that Mercedes Benz autos are first class machines, requiring care, knowledge, patience and detailed, careful work. Second, unlike dealers and other mechanics, these guys recognize the value of running a business with long term customer relations.

They regard each and every customer with respect, attention, and careful regard to respect the customer's wallet- I know it seems incredible in this day and age, but these guys are keen to foster customers for the long run. In my case, a few months ago, my Mercedes CLK 500 broke down in San Diego (Where I live), and based on the reviews, I gave G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Repair Center a call. One of the technicians came on the phone, and despite never having met me, he patiently listened to what I had to say, made some recommendations on how to get the car started. Once this was done, I drove over to West Los Angeles to G&N Motors, and they looked at my car, despite lacking an appointment- they saw that I was out of town, and needed help badly.

G&N Motors, went over the car in detail, identified the problem was crank shaft censor and charged me a very reasonable price and quick around time You don't get the nagging feeling you're paying too much, nor are you pestered with tales of what else is wrong with your Mercedes Benz. They were so nice, that while the star diagnostic was plugged into the car, The technician installed a software patch for my transmission which made the car faster- for FREE! Where else will you get such service? It's no wonder I travel from San Diego to West Los Angeles just to get fair, honest, professional work on my investment.

As an economics professor, I appreciate G&N Motors business philosophy of cultivating long term relations- these guys are a gem !! Highly recommended!! Do note that Mercedes cars are machines and work may take longer than expected-- but an ounce of prevention with these guys will save you an unpleasant breakdown later. Pros: Professional, Honest, Straightforward Cons: Absolutely nothing

Impressive Mercedes Benz Service‎‎
‎‎Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Kevin

G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Center is an excellent Mercedes repair facility. I am really conservative on who works on my E500 Mercedes Benz. One time I took my Mercedes to a Mercedes Benz dealer and the mechanic screwed up my serpentine belt to a point to where the rubber was slicing off the grooves. I took it to G&N Motors and come to find out the dealer had installed it wrong and cost me 300 bucks.

What I like about G&N Motors and what stands out for me as to why he is the best Mercedes Benz Repair shop in town is the fact that his prices are honest. He literally shows you in detail what is wrong with your car and what needs to be done. He worked on my transmission and I had never seen the inside of a tranny before and not only had he opened it, he taught me how it works and what was wrong with it.

I am an advit believer that when you need to select a Mercedes Mechanic, you need to pick one that will teach you something about your car that is more extensive then just the price. I highly recommend G&N Motors for his Quality of Work and his great attitude.They are the Best Mercedes Service and Repair Shop.Excellent Service. Its like when you go to the doctors to check what ur your illness is he knows what it is in a second. G&N Motors when you take ur Mercedes for any problem when there standing next to the hood they can verify what ur cars illness is in a matter of a couple of minutes. Keep the Great Service for Mercedes Benz!

Great Help from Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Center
‎‎Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Tammy

Hi everyone , I would like to share a horrific experience of mine that actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise . A month and a half ago , I was on my way to a meeting with my E320 Mercedes Wagon 2005 and my car broke down in the middle of the street . I own a 2005 Mercedes E320 wagon, and I was stuck in the middle of street called Wilshire and La cienega . I had no clue what happened and none would even help me or try to push my car off the intersection . SO I called AutoClub while everybody just passed by me and gave me the finger like it was my fault that my car broke down in the middle of the road. As I waited a guy pulled up to me with a beautiful silver converteble Mercedes SL500 and he approached my window with a another guy and asked me if I needed any help to get off the road .

I was in tears before he came up to my car and so when I did roll down my window the first thing he said to me was dont cry . Help is here with a cute smile . Him and his friend helped me push my car out of the street to the side and then he asked me if its okay to see what was wrong with my car . I wasnt sure what I should tell him but he gave me his buisness card and told me that he is a Mercedes Benz technition that works at G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service Center that was 6 miles away on Santa Monica Blvd. So I told the guys that I think I ran out of gas . He looked at my gas needles and he said that my car has gas in it. He then asked me if I can open my trunk and grab a screw driver I told him I dont have a screw driver in my trunk . He told me that there is a tool kit in my trunk that has tools in it which it did and I had to clue that it did.

So he took my rear seat off with the help of his friend and took of a black cover on the bottom of my seat and started to tap on I guess that was suppose to be my fuel pump and asked his friend to start the car . Amazingly the car started . So he told me that my car needed a fuel pump . I told him if he can help with fix this car for I can get to since I had an important meeting . He told me to follow him to his shop . On the way to his shop I called the phone number on his card and asked the guy who answered the phone if there is a guy that helped me with my car that works there . The manager told me yes but he is out getting lunch since I didnt want to follow two strangers with a broken car.

When we got to G&N Motors he gave me a price on the repair , and I told him to go ahead and fix it and he had the parts in stock . By the time I got stuck in the street and my car was running it took one and a half hour . I was back on the freeway and still had time to stop by Kinkos and make copies of my presentation for my meeting . I would like everyone to know that G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Shop is the best,very honest,and helpful and they went out of there way to help me and they saved me my account , they help me when I was in need and they went out of there way to help . If anyone is in need of a good Mercedes Benz Repair Shop to work on your Mercedes I highly recommend these guys. Also I saw a lot of beautiful mercedez in their shop.

I highly highly recommend this shop to anyone that is looking for honest , down to earth business that truly care about customers and anyone in need of help . Also after my meeting was over I called a Mercedes Benz Dealer of Beverly Hills to find out how much it would cost for my fuel pump . I was on hold for over 15 minutes and the guy that came on the phone told me at first I need to take my car there for them to check and see if I need a fuel pump and its 175.00 dollars to check it and then he told that its 575.15 for the fuel pump and including the inspection my total was going to be $400 labor . I walked out of G&N Motors paying only 600.00 dollars.

Highly Recomended Mercedes Benz Service‎‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By mike
Ok so I can't believe it took me so long to finally write my review, I have been enjoying my new S 55 Mercedes AMG so much, and thanks to G & N Motors I was able to negotiate myself a good deal. First thing, I have to say is if you are buying a used car, or any car for that matter, G & N Motors should be your stop to get your AAA inspection. They are amazing and will review your MBZ very carefully.

Unfortunately after three years of owning my beloved Mercedes, which G & N Motors help me maintain, it was time to get a new MBZ; my new car, a S 55. In addition to telling me everything that my future car needed, or would need to be repaired in the future, they wrote down the cost it would be to fix all of the items so I could truly make an educated decision on whether or not to buy the Mercedes and what was a fair price. As always they treated me with great hospitality. The person I was buying the MBZ was a little late for the appt. but they still got my Benz in and out in a timely fashion. Since it was my first car buying experience by myself they even gave me some pointers for negotiating.

I had looked at the Kelly Blue Book price and they helped advice me and understand what the true value of this Mercedes was. I had seen a lot of Mercedes and I feel like G & N Motors went above and beyond to help make sure I didn't get a lemon. It has been almost two weeks and I am so happy with the advice G & N Motors gave me. All the technitian at G & N Motors really knows about Mercedes Benz cars with their eyes close. As my third year of driving begins, and my third year with G & N Motors, I feel a part of their family. There customer service is amazing.

As someone who works in a customer service environment I know when someone generally cares if you are satisfied. G & N Motors focuses on fixing Mercedes, in addition to creating customers for life by standing behind their work. Myself and my parents take our Mercedes to G & N Motors for work. It may have taken some time, but they were always willing to answer my questions. This really makes a difference to me and I hope you get to enjoy their great service and work.

The most Mercedes Benz fantastic repair shop around!‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Luke 
Some people say.. "You can never find a great and honest Mercedes auto repair shop." Well I got some news for you! I have found the best/honest Mercedes Benz repair facility. The guys at G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Center took great care of my dream E55 Mercedes and fixing it. Also great care in my wallet as well! The dealership that I use to always take my Mercedes into wanted to charge me an arm and a leg just to get some minor work done.

So.. then on my way home from the dealership I happened to drive by G&N Motors Mercedes repair shop so I decided to stop by and get a second opinon on what the dealer said I needed for my car. Well long story short I didnt need half the stuff that the dealership said I needed,G&N Motors were my wallet savers! Thanks guys! My Mercedes Benz is running like a dream.Thank you for the Honesty and Great work. Trust me I will forsure be back the next time I need something done on my Mercedes Benz! Pros:Honest,Excellent,Trustworthy,Straight forward,and Great Price

Personal Mercedes Benz Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By JackSon

I found G & N Motors about a year ago through a MBZ Forum. I had just bought one of my Mercedes and the dealer told me I needed a new ignition switch, valve cover gaskets a power steering hose and tension strut bushings. Lies and more lies. G & N Motors took a look at my Mercedes and confirmed I needed an ignition switch and nothing more.

He saved me more than $1000 right off. I became a faithful client. I have been extremely happy with what G & N Motors have done with my Mercedes Benz. I have S 430 and E 350 that they maintain. It took George one shot to know that my S 430 needed a cranck shaft sensor. Another mechanic had checked the Mercedes twice and couldn't find the problem.

I had a drive shaft that was knocking and vibrating badly. In one day George fixed it and had me on the road in no time. I find the service personal, efficient and the price very fair. I would recommend G & N Motors to any owner of a Mercedes Benz car that expects good service and fair prices. You guys are the best.By Jackson.

A+ Mercedes Benz Service & Repair‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By John

They say....everyone who has a Mercedes Benz needs an honest and trustworthy Mercedes Benz mechanic friend. Well...my father was introduced to G&N Motors years ago when we all lived in Long Beach. Now....app. 21 years later....whenever I need any service....I still go to G&N Motors for my S430 Mercedes Benz. If you really want to know the character of these people...this is a simple true situation from app. 10 years ago: Our family was invited to a New Years party.

When we were ready to leave....the car would not start. My father called G&N Motors ....he called them to ask him for advice over the phone. George said...."We are closing the shop right now for a New Year party?"....."I'll be right there". He left everything on New Years day to help out a friend. Do I need to say anything more?.....5 Stars (They are always here for us when we need). These days.....I live much further away from this establishment than I did years ago.

I live in Laguna niguels....but this is still where I go when I need service for my Mercedes Benz doesnt even matter what type of service. It's so comfortable when you can work with an honest mechanic. He tells you as it is. He knows what he is doing....no games....no guessing....Just honesty and great service!

Honest,Affordable,Quality,MBZ Work‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Laura
These guys are awesome. I got into an accident about a month ago and my Mercedes Benz S550 sustained a lot of damages Front and Rear suspension. Right after the accident, my Mercedes and I were brought here and they took really good care me. They took my car and just told me to give them my claim number as soon as I got it. I was in and out in a matter of minutes.

During the 3 or so weeks of repair, they called me and kept me updated about the time they needed. There were no hassles or anything--they just took care of everything with my insurance company. When I went to pick my Mercedes Benz up, it looked better than new! It looked like nothing had ever happened to it. When I got home later that evening, I forgot to tell them that my front headlight wasnt working I went to check my front headlight and it was working and i didnt even tell them anything.

These guys are SUPER HONEST and just have such a GREAT ATTITUDE about service. I'd give them a six if at all possible. I highly recommend them to anybody who needs any work done to their Mercedes Benz.

Excellent, Honest, Reputable Mercedes Benz Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By abcdelmo123

I need new brakes and rotors for my S 6.3 AMG. The dealer quoted me $1800!! So I decided to shop around. Not only did G & N Motors quote me LESS than the dealer, but they had my car ready the same day!!! And they even delivered the car to me!!because I work Century City.They are honest, efficient, quick, and friendly!!

I would definitely recommend G & N Motors to anyone! And, to top it all off, They got the work done in a fraction of the time. I cant say enough about this place, clean, nice people, good service they seem to really care about there customers. Pros: Honest, Quick, and Efficient‎

Honest Benz Repair Shop‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By stephen

I obtained a very low miles 2002 Mercedes CLk 55 from out of state. I took it to a couple shops and realized it had a major problem that would cost 4000 to repair, plus it needed new brake pads. I did not want to trust the repair to a shop that did not specialize in Mercedes and the local Mercedes dealerships have very bad reputations.I found G & N Motors which has several Mercedes Benz master rated mechanics. I saw all the positive reviews and decided to give them a try. Manager helped me get oriented and they took a look at my Mercedes Benz. He was almost apologetic telling me what I already knew, that I needed a major repair and brake pads.

Since I'd had this Mercedes diagnosed at two shops previously it was no surprise to me, but it made me feel better that they confirmed the diagnosis and also were not looking to make major repairs on my Mercedes Benz. They fixed my Benz quickly and a several thousand miles later I've had no problems. The amount they charged me was very reasonable for the repair and far less than a dealer would charge. I'm sure the work is better than anyone in the area would do as well.

They found some other items they recommended addressing in several thousand miles. If they'd have told me to do it now I'd have done so, but they said there was no need and they also told me what maintenance would be a waste of money in the meantime and answered tons of questions I had about how to maintain the vehicle. They also installed my front license plate for no charge and did not charge me for some fluids they added. I've met George and he's a real class act. I am writing this review because I'd really like to see this shop do well so I can keep taking my Mercedes here. I plan to keep it for many years and I need a good shop. I don't know what I'd have done without help from G & N Motors. They are the BEST and I am very grateful for their help!

Best Mercedes Benz Problem Shooter
‎‎Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By fellipe 

I have a Mercedes Benz SL 550 convertible with a retractable hardtop? Coolest thing since sliced bread. Even my girlfriend was impressed. Unfortunately, a while back, it stopped working. It would fail part way. So I took it to a couple of local mechanics, after holding two weeks they could not figure the problem and they both said to take it to the dealer - it's a really complicated and delicate system. So I took it to a south bay dealer.
Well, they study it for a bit, and the customer service representative calls me to explain, "Your problem's the trunk. You need to take it to a body shop and get that trunk aligned. We can take a look after you get some bodywork." And then he directs me to the sales department.This is gonna cost me $3000 plus. Anyway, then I get a brainstorm, and I decide to try google. So I get on google and look for who might be the best Mercedes mechanic in the southern California Area. I found a number of candidates, but I decide to try G & N Motors Mercedes Benz Service first. I go in, explain the problem and he says he'll call me later. Two days later he calls back. "Yes? Did you find the problem?" George says, "Yes, it was a partially hidden wire that was disconnected and up and down regongnition sensor was damaged.

That's all it was. Oh, and your trunk was a little misaligned, so I fixed that too." A miracle. "So, what's the bill?" I can feel George smiling through the phone as he says this... "$700." Man, this is a man who actually enjoys pleasing a customer. So I go and pick up my Mercedes Benz, and the roof is working perfectly. The trunk is closing and latching really smoothly too. I ask about scheduled maintenance B, and he quotes prices that are less than what the dealer charges. Just before driving off, I shake his hand and thank him for fixing the car so brilliantly and saving me quite a bit of money. Yes, definitely, I can say without doubt... G & N Motors is the finest Mercedes Benz mechanic in Southern California. Absolutely!

Don't Take Your MBZ Anywhere Else, Ever!‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 ByTuan
I stumbled onto G&N Motors by chance on Google, looking for something completely unrelated (paintrepair). I drove over anyway due to the rave reviews here. Right off the bat, I was greated by George, who immediately made me feel welcomed.

I described what was going on and remembered that I also had a minor brake problem with my '06 SL500. A technician took my car for a test drive and afterwards when I was in the waiting room, George came in and described the problem clear to me and advised that although my brakes were still relatively new, there was a problem with the way the pads were making contact.

With dealer experience in the past, this would have been an over $1K job. Instead, George gave me some options and actually advised me to pick the lowest cost option that would solve the squeek. He recommended this and I went with it and I was blown away at its effectiveness. Incredibly, he didn't charge me to address the brakes and even fix a headrest issue. Wait what? FREE? Believe it.

I offered to pay, and he wouldn't accept, smiled at me and said "it's okay." I actually tried to think of what else could be wrong that I could get G&N to service me and charge me for. Again, he wouldn't charge for it. George had the most kind and sincere smile on his face throughout myservice and said there was no need to charge me for the service. I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it. An honest service center not bent on taking advtange of customers?

If you've ever been gouged out of money, pushed over at customer service, and just feel scared to take your car into a shop or dealer, then you can throwaway all your fears. G&N Motors is honestly THE best place I have ever taken ANY car to. Bar none. I can't say enough about George and his team. Every single positive review here is truthful -- If you love your MBZ, George and his team will prove to you that great service and great people really do exist to help.

I will never take my car anywhere else, ever again. I also wanted to add, that if you're thinking of buying a used MBZ, do yourself a huge, huge favor and take the car to G&N for a inspection. I made the mistake not to and I regret it. George and his team will amaze you, time and time again!
Great Mercedes Shop,Great Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Kristina
Five stars is simply not enough for this shop.I'm going to say my story about what happened to myMercedesBenz G 55 AMG. MyA/C and radio and central locking system was not working and I've been to a couple of Mercedes repair shops they charged me diagnosic fee and they tried to sell me A/C push button switch,radio system, and a central locking pump.

For a second opinion i took my car to a Mercedes Dealer in South Bay Torrance and they tried to sell me front sam control unit and they were asking for $2500.I had to pull my car out.I was at a birthday party and everyone was talking about there cars.I was telling them about my problem about my Mercedes Benz one of my friends suggested i must take my car to G&N Motors and speak to one of the technitions.

They told me to wait for 45 minutes or 1 hour to diagnose my problem for my Mercedes. Approxamitley in an hour George spoke to me and he said that my fuse under the glove box was burned and they replaced the fuse and my A/C,Radio, and central locking system was functioning properly.

Thank you G&N Motors and there honesty. They charged me for 1 hour of work and my Mercedes all its problems were fixed.The other shops and the dealers were going to charge me for different repairs which didnt need to be fixed.For years, I've been on a quest to find an affordable, honest MercedesBenz mechanic/technitions who really knows how to take care of my Mercedes. G&N Motors is all of these things and more. He can identify problems correctly at the drop of a hat, always looks for the most cost-effective fix, and is 100% trustworthy.

I've referred a few friends here (some of whom have seen mechanics other than G&N Motors), and everyone has been nothing short of thrilled with their service and results. If there's a better auto shop in California, I certainly haven't found it. If you have a Mercedes Benz in California, you have to check them out.
Super Honest MBZ Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By chorney
George is the man of my car's dreams. I've been taking my Mercedes Benz here for over 4 years (ever since my last mechanic retired), and I never ever want to take my Mercedes Benz anywhere else except G & N Motors.

My MercedesBenz S430 is with little mileage but huge issues that popped up as soon as the warranty expired. In the past 4 years, I've taken it to George for wiring issues with suspension pumpbrake replacements (he charged more reasonable price of whatMercedesBenz dealer was charging, by the way), maintenance A and B sevices,sun roof repair and motor replacement for my windows (twice on 2 different windows).

Speaking of the windows, I had this issue with my driver side window where it rolled up/down with a ton effort or sometimes, not at all. Kind of shocking considering how little I've used that window.

The first time I brought it to George, he tried to save me money and not have me pay for anything unless necessary (imagine that! A technician wanting you to keep your money!) by adding lubricant to help it roll better. He did this for free. FREE. He never tries to take advantage of my lack of knowledge about cars and patiently explains what needs to be done, why, and how he's going to do it. The work he does is excellent as well, and he's very flexible about needing to stay a bit later than his closing time so you can pick it up after work. Thanks G & N Motors for my Benz wonderfull job.
Best Mercedes Benz Mechanic Ever‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By judy
Here's my story, I'll try to keep it brief: My check engine light was on and I took my mercedes S55 to Dealer. They told me there were 8-10 things wrong with my Mercedes, and that with parts, time, and labor, it was gonna run me $1800+.

They seemed like they did not know what they were doing so I decided to get a second opinion at G & N Motors. So I brought my Mrcedes in and showed mechaic the sheet of problems that dealer gave me, and turned my keys over. mechanic called me soon after and told me that he had pinpointed one problem that would fix all the other problems that the other dealer listed.

In fact, he was shocked they still charged me $160 just to tell me that! Long story short, mechanic basically found the one problem with my Mercedes , fixed it, and everything now is perfect. He was able to explain what was wrong in lay man's terms and I totally followed everything he was saying. He told me that even if I had spent the $1800 at the dealer and got all those problems fixed, in the end, I had still have the SAME PROBLEM and it would not have fixed anything!!

So my bill at G & N Motors was still $800, but compared to $1800+?? Come on, you can not beat that!! And to top it off,mechanc was always willing to have my Mercedes fixed that day or the next day. He called me many times notifying me of the status of my mercedes, which I appreciated. Thank you so much to G & N Motors , all the staff and the crew! I will not take my Mercedes Benz to any other mechanic. Period.
Exellant Mercedes Benz Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By juanc2423
Our E 500 Mercedes Benz broke down as we arrived in Burbank for a meeting. It was massively overheating, so we were stuck where we stopped. We found G & N Motos on GPS as well as Google.

I called G & N Motors, and nice gentleman called and arrange a tow. The wrecker was running late, and we were concerned he would be there after closing with the Mercedes, but G & N Motors agreed to wait until the Mercedes Benz arrived. By the end of our meeting the next day, he had checked and found a loose wire to a cooling fan was causing the problem, A prior wreck and some additional work on the MercedesBenz had left the wire in a bad place where it eventually worked loose, and was wearing.

He reconnected and stabilized the wire at minimal cost, and he pointed out additional issues that were not immediately threatening but should be addressed. G & N Motors was helpful, articulate, and honest, and they did great work! Highly recommended. they wondered how we found them- they gets most of their work via word of mouth and they are great Mercedes Benz repair facility.Thanks for the great and honest work.
Real Mercedes Benz Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By shahla
Do not bother going to the dealership and paying their ridiculous prices when they are just gonna cheat you for your Mercedes Benz repair. G & N Motors is the place for your Mercedes to be. George is absolutely 100% helpful and knowledgeable.

He did not charge me too much or make me feel dumb because I am a girl. He clearly explained every little detail about what will be done to my Mercedes Benz and what I should do after. This is the only place I will go to now to get my Meredes Benz E 63 AMG done. 100% Excellent Customer Service.

The alignment  ,service A and brake service done to myMercedeswas a lot better than any other shop that did the same thing. My Mercedes actually felt stronger. Real results and great service.
Professional and Honest Mercedes Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By cmyahoo2
I recently purchased a 2007 S63 AMG Mercedes Benz. It is still under warranty, but it doesn't cover the maintenance warranty. My car was due for a B service, front and rear rotors and breaks, and the Mercedes Benz dealership was way too high. I began to look on the internet for some Mercedes Benz shops, near my area, and ran across G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Facility.

I called a few places before I called the G&N Motors, but when I spoke with the manager he seemed so pleasant, and patient in the questions I asked, so I thought I'd give him a try. To my pleasant surprise, everyone seemed to be very friendly, and made me feel very comfortable, and safe with bringing my Mercedes there, especially the manager. The place was very clean, and I was given alot of advice and information in regards to my vehicle.

The service was quick, and the price was very reasonable. What I liked most of all, was that they didn't try to take advantage of my lack of knowledge. They checked everything out for me, even some things I thought I might need, the manager told me I didn't. It's rare to find a repair shop, that doesn't try to rip you off. I now have found a reliable, trust worthy Mercedes Benz repair shop the first time around. Thanks to the staff for your honesty! -Christy
Mercedes Benz Owner's Dream Repairs‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jeremiap332
G&N Motors and its team in West Los Angeles, are the real deal. They tell you like it is, honestly, without the up-sell. On my last visit on my Mercedes Benz, they replaced the radio. They were very careful and planned up-front on replacement of those one-time use trim fasteners. If you are a seasoned Mercedes Benz owner, you know what I mean. Most dealer techs just slap it together and wait for your return.

However, that does not happen at G&N Motors! They have done the jobs many times, know what to expect, do it right the first time, and will not make a mess. If you have been seeking dedicated, gifted and talented Mercedes Benz repair experts in Southern California, G&N Motors is the best Mercedes Benz Repairand Facility For You!

If you can plan ahead of time and need some blemish, ding or any other repair service or maintenance, or if no one can pin point your Mercedes Benz, Bring your Mercedes Benz to G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Facility in West Los Angeles. I am very happy, they never let me down, and they take me right away when i call in, to any problem on my Mercedes Benz.

The Best MBZ Repair Shop in the Los Angeles Area
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By dantheman
These guys are absolutely amazing. Honest, knowledgeable, and professional service for unbelievable prices.

I'll let the prices speak for themselves: On a 1995 Mercedes SL320, Repair two leaking hydraulic cylinders: $500 (Dealer charged over $1500) Repair broken window actuator: $350 (Dealer charged over $1000) Diagnose faulty sound system: FREE Reset convertible top memory over 6 times: FREE (Dealer charged almost $50 per time) Replace 4 rubber rings that hold up exhaust: $50 (Jiffy Lube charged the same amount for some crappy temporary rings) George always has a smile on his face and is very enthusiastic and happy to help.

I thought they would get annoyed by me coming in to get my convertible top memory reset all the time but they always did it for free and were always willing. This is as good as it gets in my opinion. Go here!!!!
Outstanding and Honest Mercedes Benz Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 ByNick
In attempt to contain cost on my 2003 S600 Mercedes Benz, i made the biggest mistake and took my Mercedes to a random shop across from work -- I figure it was convenient and almost 50% less of the cost from what the dealer would charge.They told me that My Mercedes was leaking and needed the valve gasket covers replace. On my own conclusion, I "assumed" the job required a lot of tedious labor (removing gasket, putting new gasket) and very little "engineering" or experienced work. 3 weeks later my S 600 was still in the shop with new mechanical issues as a consequence of inexperienced hands.

This shop in Hermosa Beach broke/ruined multiple sensors + cut the brake lines when working on the Mercedes. After the 4th week of my Mercedes being in the shop, I finally lost hope and figured the more they touched my Mercedes the more things they would brake. At this point, I was already 1500+ in broken sensors and numerous mechanical issues remained open. By the 5th week I finally took my Mercedes Benz to G&N Motors. I first came on contact with G&N Motors few months before when they worked on my brakes. When I called the technician with my problem, I was extremely embarrassed /sad/upset about my experience with the shop in Hermosa Beach, they claim that they are Mercedes Benz Experts, but they do not know anything. Although G&N Motors is generally careful about not taking jobs on broken cars from previous mechanics; The manager was very patience and understanding about my situation.

G&N Motors had to start from scratch rebuilding/fixing every single issue that the previous shop had caused. It took a lot of diagnostics, patience but G&N Motors was able to put my Mercedes back to its original condition. Eventually i found out that, the oil was leaking from the bell housing, the center of the engine, not the valve covered gasket.. and G&N Motors pin pointed the problem. They spend significant time free of charge testing every component to ensure the Mercedes was in the best condition possible. Its been 3 months since this incident and my Mercedes has been running exceptional great. To everyone out there, dont make the mistake I made and make sure only certified/experienced Mercedes Benz technicians/mechanics touch your Mercedes Benz- even for smaller issue.

G&N Motors have the experienced staff and are certainly less expensive than dealer prices. Thank you G&N Motors PS - Thank you G&N Motors, the entire staff are amazing. Great, great people. Pros: Honest, Outstanding Service, Reasonable Prices Cons: None
Skilled Mercedes Service and Repair Shop‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Franchesca
I have a 2005 SL500 just out of warranty. All of sudden the Mercedes was having problem starting my baby. I went to a Mercedes Benz Dealer (they sold me a battery and generator??) . same problem a week later.Went back there (stupid me) they sold me a starter. The next day same problem.

To make a long story a short one I found the "G&N Motors" googling forMercedes mechanics. It Was my lucky day. I called G&N Motors, and immediately i took my Mercedes there.The technician there was able to fix my Mercedes. I had to leave my Mercedes with him for three days cause the glitch did not happen all time but was worth it . My total charges with him were less than $800.00 dollars.

I can/t believe the morons at dealer have charged me close to $2500.00 and no fix.So much for their shiny floors and show room they were idiots (im going to take them to small claim court) I have been driving for three weeks the Mercedes is just fine. The Technician was great not only did he fix it but he was humble about it "he said it was not really a big deal just an ignition mojel issue thats all, yourMercedes is fine" Thanks G&N Motors, for the great work

Pros: Knows what he does. Fixed my Mercedes Completely. Cons: None
Six star Mercedes Benz Service & Repair Shop
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Claudia
I was looking for a good and trustworthy Mercedes Benz Repair Shop to take care of my 2004 Clk 350. I have taken my Dads car (Mercedes 560SL ) to this shop for a 120000 Mile service a while ago. I remembered how wonderful George was and also saw his good reviews from Google so I decided to go back for several services on my Mercedes. George was so warm, nice, polite, and professional.

He test drove my Mercedes Benz and confirmed the services that needed. He got me a very good price for the service B (oil changed, brake fluid and power steering fluid flushed, and engine coolant drained and refilled.) Also, I asked George to find out why my cigarette lighter did not work. He found the problem (burnt fuse) and fixed it for free. I was pleasantly surprised how nice he was.... He also inspected my brakes and suggested not to change them yet.

He offered to take a look at them 3 months after to see if they need to be replaced. He called a few days later to make sure everything is working... I really like this G & N Motors for my Mercedes Benz Service and have suggested him to my family and many of my friends and coworkers. I will definitely bring my Dads and my Mercedes to George for all of the services from now on...
Honest Mercedes Benz Auto Repair Shop‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Melia
I have just bought a Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG and I am completely lost when it comes to cars and their problems. After checking their good reviews here on Google I decided to take my car to G & N Motors Meredes Benz Service and RepairShop.. The customer service was great. Technician checked my car right away.=)

I had minor spark and oil problems which were very well explained to me and fixed for a very reasonable price. However, I also had something going on with my transmission, but technician was nice enough to explain me the problem and the options I had. My Mercedes Benz was checked and fixed in about couple hours.

I will definitely come back for the transmission issue. Customer service was awesome. technician managed to remember my first name, which made me very comfortable and at ease. He clearly explained my Mercedes Benz problem without too many difficult terms and explanations. Service was at a very good price and fast. Great experience.I will most definitely recommend them to everybody I know they have Mercedes Benz.
Better Than Dealer Mercedes Benz Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Margina
Good lord. Where have these guys been all of my life? At least my time in Los Angeles as a Mercedes Benz owner!!! After having a very unsuccessful time at another shop, my awesome boyfriend looked up places on Google and found G&N Motors. A quick phone call confirmed the high ratings- G&N Motors not only knows their stuff, but they are courteous, professional, and COMPLETELY AWESOME.

Besides the fact that the cost was LESS THAN HALF of what the first shop quoted me, G&N Motors staff did a great job of explaining what was wrong with my Mercedes CLK430 and how it needed to be fixed. There were two parts wrong, and he very clearly explained how they were related. He called a short two hours later telling me that while my Mercedes was fixed, he discovered another problem (a mysterious noise I had noticed myself) and for a small additional amount, it was an easy fix.

He didnt pressure me into getting it fixed at all, but gave me all the proper information so I could make a sound decision. G&N Motors is fair and they dont talk down to you at all. (one of the guys graciously opened the door and wished me to have a great day :) I will definitely keep using G&N Motors for all of myMercedes repair needs!!! Im going to buy another Mercedes Benz as a second car because i found a great place torepair my Mercedes.They are really awesome!
Well Deserved Mercedes Benz Service Reputation
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Brenda
I live in Dana Point and i work in Century City and Ive used G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Facility twice now - once to replace belts and water pumps and once to replace front and back brakes on my Mercedes Benz E55.

I shopped around both jobs before using them and they were always had a great reasonable price- but, most importantly, at the same time gave me A+ service. I had one minor issue, which was not their fault - a structrual problem with my hood that was preventing it from closing. I spoke with George who agreed to stay late on a Friday evening until I could get over there.

Promplty the whole staff helped get the hood closed and adjusted so that It would open and close properly. He showed me the cause of the problem (that a previous owner likely had an accident there) - of the multiple dealers, etc. who had looked over this car not one spotted it! G&N Motors took the time to explain how they discovered it. My search for a MercedesBenz mechanic is over!

They have shown me multiple times now that they sincerely care about their business and their customers and have certainly deserved their reputation.‎They have a great service and they know what they are doing on the Mercedes Benz because they are experts.It looked like they have been born with that talent.
A very rare Mercedes Benz repair shop.‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Nick
G & N Motors are truly great business facility for Mercedes Benz and I would not trust my Mercedes Benz E350 to anyone else. They are straight shooters, do great work, are completely honest and trustworthy, and are fairly priced, which is a rare combination of attributes for an Mercedes Benz repair shop.

I expect to pay a little more for servicing because I own a Mercedes Benz, but G & N Motors make it a pleasure and ultimately, they have resonabe price... certainly a much better deal than going to the dealer. The first time I took my Mrcedes to G & N Motors, there were things that they could have easily charged me for but instead investigated the possibility of it still being in warranty and sure enough, it was and that saved me over a thousand dollars.

Another time, I sent my wife in to get some bulbs replaced and they dropped everything, did it on the spot and refused to accept payment for it. Way above and beyond the standard practice of Mercedes Benz shops, but these are the kind of people that I am grateful to have found and they have earned my complete loyalty. Hence this glowing review! I hope they stay in business forever :) Pros: honest, trustworthy. Excellent service, fairly priced. Cons: I have not experienced any cons in my dealings so far.
Honest and Knowledgeable Mercedes Benz service
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By scott
George and his awesome technicians will always take care of you when you bring your Mercedes Benz to G & N Motors. He will be straight up with you on what you need to do, as well as do not need to do, to keep your Mercedes Benz in tip-top shape! I have been going to them for five years, even when I lived in San Diego.

The service and knowledge George brings to the table is exceptional; Mercedes Benz are his passion and it shows! The dealership would have charged me anywhere from 30%-45% more on many of the repairs and services I have had done at G & N Motors. I have had myMercedes Benz services done at G & N Motors, repairs done at G & N Motors, bought my tires for my Mercedes Benz at G & N Motors and ALWAYS leave a happy client. Also, George is exceedingly accomodating:

I had to have my Mercedestowed there one time, and they stayed open to get my Mercdes in that evening. Where do you get service like that today? People who have a Mercedes Benz extended warranty, you can bring your Mercedes to G & N Motors and they will take care of it, just like they take care of my Mecedes Benz warranty. I highly recommend G & N Motors for your MercedesBenz service and repair or for any other problems.
Take your complicated Mercedes Benz problems here!
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Courtney
G&N Motors is definately worth taking your Mercedes Benz for service and repair. I had a Mercedes G 500 problem that was being compounded by other problems - the dealer would have most likely just fixed the first problem, sent me on my way and I would have been back. The technicians at G&N Motors spent the time to not only diagnose my Mercedesproblem, but also look into why the issue appeared in the first place, and fixed those also.

The best part for me was the personalized service - they spent the time to explain everything that was being done, in terms I could understand, and why they were doing it. It really took some of the "black box" out of auto repair. While my repair was fairly expensive, I know without a doubt it would have been more had I taken it to the dealer. I would highly recommend G&N Motors as an honest, fair priced, and technically competent alternative.

UPDATE: Satisfied Customer.....AGAIN!!! After my first positive experience, I decided to bring my other car (Mercedes Benz SL 500) in with a problem that I had been putting off fixing. While this problem (door lock actuator) was easier than the first Mercedes, they were able to get my Mercedes in right away. Not only did they confirm the door actuator was broken, but they also found my power window motor was damaged and definately on its way out, saving me time and money.

Furthermore, I found that their knowledgable staff was able to get confirmation of coverage on my warranty I purchased from Mercury on the first day in the shop and the whole thing was fixed the same day - he even stayed late to fix it for me (by his own accord - I was willing to wait two days)......the only thing I keep thinking is "why deal with the mega-dealership when these guys do warranty work too?" The same friendly, informative service calls letting me know the status of my car, warranty and repair continued.

Service professionals such as doctors, veterinarians, and mechanics are a dime-a-dozon (and anyone who has dealt with a bad one, knows the pain), but good ones are hard to find - I almost did not want to write all this because I want to keep them to myself. I also love that I can talk to the manager of the shop in person and have him explain what he did to repair my car - an manager/operator who takes pride in his work and cares about his customers is truely rare these days. Keep this up and youve got a customer for life!!!! Great Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Facility.I will stay with you unless i have a MercedesBenz.
one great Mercedes Benz troubleshooting service center‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Rudy
2007 CLS 550 Mercedes Benz I had purchased had a check engine light on and sometimes was hard to start. I wanted to fix it and save some money, instead of taking it to the dealership. My girlfriend, had suggested me to G&N Motors to take myMercedes there, so I decided to try.

The car had been fixed, my crank shaft position censor had a problem, and checked by the technicians, actually certified Mercedes Benz technicians, from inside out. The guy who was ringing me out had suggested to keep the maintenance up and informed of all problems that persisted with my Mercedes Benz, I decide to follow up and checked with dealership to compare the prices, dealership price was 3 times more than this guy had me pay.

After talking to the manager, who is very knowledgeable about the Mercedes Benz Service and Repair, from just talking to him I will suggest this shop to anyone. The people who work there live with cars especially Mercedes Benz imports and they will make your car run better then it ever had. I will suggest this repair shop, to anyone who wants their MercedesBenz running and last forever, and want to save some money while doing so.‎
Professional Mercedes-Benz Quality Service & Repair
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Michael
I have Mercedes Benz S63 AMG . I searched for an alternative to taking my Mercedes Benz to the dealership for service when I had a bad experience at the dealership with overcharging and some damage to my car. G & N Motors website came up in my search results, and the information on the company website described exactly the services I was looking for. G & N Motors website has a great section with details on the different types of services that modern Mercedes Benz need with their computerized service indicators.

The website also has some general guidelines about when to perform A & B services . The website brags that prices for repairs at G & N Motors are generally more resonable cost of what you would pay at the dealership. I happened to require the same B & Brake service within days. My dealership charged me $2400 for front brake pad and rotors and B service. And at G & N Motors, the price for replacing the brake pads and rotors and B service was $1500 I have completely lost faith in my dealer and I probably will not be back since I feel like I was taken advantage of there.

And as a testament to the boast on the website, my repair was more like 66% off. George and his team they are certified Mercedes Benz factory trained Technicians you can trust them when you need to get your MercedesBenz repaired, and do yourself a favor by saving yourself a load of cash.
Hard to Find a Mercedes Benz Qualified Repair Shop
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Mellisa
I dropped my Mercedes Benz SL55 a week ago at G&N Motors. I had to go out of town for an emergency, I had to be back, the next following saturday, and my flight went down to burbank airport at 7 pm. They waited for me until i arrive to G&N motors to pick up my car, i appreciate their patience..

My Mercedes Benz SL55 that I have been taking to the dealer since new. However, the dealer began charging me too much so I started looking elsewhere. I recently needed my brakes done, the ABC pump was leaking oil, and had a problem with the locking system. I took the car to 2 other Mercedes shops on other websites before G&N Motors (mainly because they were closer to me) i live in Glendale, and i drove to west los angeles, but they could not fix my problem.

I brought my car to G&N Motors last week and the technicians were able to troubleshoot the brakes, replaced my ABC pumps, and my central locking pump. The technician walked me through my car and showed me some features I did not even know my car had. This last week they did the brakes, ABC pump, and central locking pump, and saved me a lot of money. I highly recommend them for any Mercedes Benz service, repair, and troubleshooting, and will be coming back again."
Top Mercedes Benz Quality Service And Repair‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Samson
G&N Motors has won me over. Ive got a Mercedes Benz GL550 that Im very picky about. I have been taking my car to the dealer and one other shop in Torance, but I never got the attention I thought I deserved for spending my hard earned money on my Mercedes Benz. I began to search for a new repair facility for my Mercedes when I read some nice reviews about G&N Motors.


I called to check on the price for a 40K B service, front and rear brake pads and a serpentine belt, and it was cheaper than the dealer. I dont throw my hard worked money around, but I dont want the "cheapest" job either, so I was a little leery at first. I called my old shop and there price was cheaper than G&N Motors, but I just wasnt completely satisfied with there service, so I made an appointed with G&N Motors. I was impressed right off the bat.

The Technicians were very attentive and made me feel comfortable. They gave me a ride to Beverly Hills, Beverly Centers so i can do shopping there - that was nice. When I returned to pick up the Mercedes, it was sparkling clean and ready to go. The Technicians listed out a few items that needed to be addressed in the future, but was not pushy about it like my old shop.. That is great customer service. Glad to have found this shop and glad to recommend them. They are really good experts on Mercedes Benz service and repair.
Outstanding Service For Mercedes Benz Highly Recomended
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By kirk
I usually dont ever write reviews except for the rare occasion when Ive received terrible service, particularly at restaurants. This, however, is a situation where I am more than slightly compelled to actually make the effort in writing a review for service I received on my Mercedes Benz S500.

The people at G&N Motors are to be recognized, not only for their knowledge and tradesmanship in completing mechanical Service and Repair, but as well for their outstanding customer service. I drive a Mercedes and recently had brakes and suspension work done at G&N Motors. Not only were they less expensive than the dealer, where I used to take my car, but I received customer service like Ive never had before at any other Mercedes Benz and Dealer Shops.

Thank you very much, G&N Motors. Your efforts and manner towards your customers should be recognized and emulated by others for being the best Mercedes Benz Repair Shop. Pros: Customer Service, Price, Location, Good Mercedes Benz Repair.
Trustworthy Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Center
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Matt
The most reliable, cost-efficient, and trustworthy place to take your Mercedes Benz to. Not only are they quick in servicing your car, they do an EXCELLENT job. I stay in Encino, and I prefer to go to west Los Angeles to G&N Motors to repair my S550 Mercedes in their Garage any day.

In the past, Ive taken my Mercedes to other places, but one thing i notice is that other places always charge a ridiculous amount, not to mention there is coincidentally another problem with my Mercedes within the next week. But since taking my Mercedes to The Garage for the past 3 years, everything with my MBZ has changed. I can drive my Mercedes out of The Garage knowing that Ive just taken my Mercedes to a trustworthy place and I dont have to worry about driving my Mercedes.

There should be service and people like at The Garage in EVERY city. But since there isnt, I choose to drive half an hour to come here. The people there are knowledgeable, know what theyre talking about and awesome. You can really tell they love cars and are NOT looking to rip you off. SO, take your car there, you wont regret it. Pros: the BEST service and repair for your mercedes benz
Best Mercedes Benz technician around.. ‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By justin
This G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Repair shop has the cleanest, nicest, most honest place I have ever taken my Mercedes Benz 2006 to. they are literally white glove technicians. Everything is done perfectly clean on my Benz and if its not perfect then he will make it perfect. G&N Motors makes sure that everything is done in your best interest.

If your tires arent balanced he will let you know, if something is starting to go bad, they are not technicians who will tell you to change it now just to profit off of you, instead they will tell you how bad it is, when it needs to be changed by, and offers to change it, or lets you make an informed decision on when you can get by with what you have currently.

He will let you watch him work on the Mercedes, makes sure to show you any old or broken parts, and really makes you feel like he is doing the best job possible. G&N Motors is far more reasonable than dealer prices and honeslty does a better job and quick job on my Mercedes Benz
Exellent Mercedes Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Tommy

G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service and Repair is awesome! First, the shop is very clean and organized and they have their own parts department for Mercedes Benz which is extremely important to me. It shows me that the master mercedes benz technitions respect their craft. In my experience, messy shops tend to have sloppy mechanics that are lazy and are not passionate about fixing the problem the first time. G&N Motors are hands-on and theyll ask each other questions to tap into their combined experience to get the job done right.

Second, G&N Motor runs the shop with efficiency. I set an appointment and when I arrived they immediately put my car (2002 CLK55 AMG) on the lift to give me a pre-diagnosis before I left. That is service! Most other shops take your keys and say theyll call you when its ready as if you are ordering a birthday cake.

Whats the point of making an appointment unless the shop owner/manager respects your time? A+ to G&N Motors. In a world full of sleezy mechanics that try to turn oil changes into engine rebuilds, its nice to know a honest certified Mercedes Benz trained master technitions exists.(which is G&N Motors)they know what they are doing on your Mercedes Benz Thanks I appreciate there honesty and teir intergrity
Great Mercedes Benz Repairs!
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Izabel
I have a S550 Mercedes Benz 2008 ,My best friend reccommended G&N Motors to me.I live in Glendale. I drove to West Los Angeles on Santa Monica blvd between Century City and Westwood, I ventured to G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Facility for the first time (since getting an arm and a leg charged by Mercedes Benz dealers im getting ripped off ) this morning.

I needed to have brake pads and rotors replaced today - I spoke with the manager and he said that I could bring my Mercedes in today and hed have it ready for me in about 2 hours. He did so with honest professionalism that I didnt think still existed in todays overextended franchise world. Where I was curious, One of the technitions kindly helped to explain the "nuts and bolts" of the repair so that I could learn more about my Mercedes to have an experience and the new parts being replaced.

I would, without hesitation, recommend G&N Motors to anyone looking to have maintenance performed on their Mercedes from an honest service and repair facility for your Mercedes benz vehicle who you can trust and I also reccommend G&N Motors to anyone who needs a repair,service,maintnence,for Mercedes Benz. They are the Best of the Best! They really know there work! Also they gave me a ride to Century City dropped me off and I did my shopping and they picked me up.
Dont Be Stingy for your Mercedes Benz Repair
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Helen
I have a Mercedes Benz C300 2007, and i was very stingy. I tried to save money. For My Mercedes Benz Service A, i started going to a certain place.. The name of this place starts with the famous peanut butter, and it ends with the word "lube". i took my Mercedes Benz there, and they performed a service. 3 weeks later, i start hearing a noise coming out of my engine, I was on Santa Monica Boulevard, and i immediately took it to a place called G&N Motors. I left my car there to be inspected.

They called me back two days later, and they determined the problem was that famous peanut butter repair shop that ends with "lube", when the person performing the service was changing the oil, and filter, the oil filter housing broke, and they installed the broken housing with missing Rod Plate, and my engine did not have a proper oil filter. It Burned up my Mercedes Benz C300's engine. I tried to save some money, i went to this famous repair shop, which starts with the famous peanut butter and ends with "lube" and they SCREW my car, and im going to Sue them right now, G&N Motors has already repaired my Mercedes Benz's Engine, in the proper way, and they gave me a fair price, I like to keep them from now on as my Mercedes Benz repair shop and service.

From my experience i want to tell all of you, "always give your car to experts on Mercedes Benz, let them do the job, because they know what they are doing, dont take the cheap way like I did, i went to the famous peanut butter repair shop that ends with lube, and i appreciate G&N Motors, they keep me up to date for my Mercedes Benz, and i am always going to take my Mercedes Benz to G&N Motors because they are experts on Mercedes. I appreciate their Honesty.

Fantastic Mercedes Service
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jack
I brought my Mercedes Benz GL 450 in earlier this week for some repairs that were completed professionally and very promptly. This was my first time going to G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Shop, and I was extremely impressed. I tend to be a difficult customer and am suspicious of repair shops in general, because i have been screwed so many times from different places. But the Shop impressed me with its knowledge and honesty, and they just work on Mercedes Benz.

Perhaps sensing my auto repair distress, before I left, one of the technicians opened the hood on my Mercedes Benz and pointed out the parts that were replaced. This might be a small gesture but it affirmed in my mind the idea that the Technicians are confident of the work done by their shop. In addition to the solid ethics and quality service, the location is also nice; for those who work in Century City, or Beverly Hills, or even Santa Monica, it is conveniently close to these cities.

I actually just went back with my Mercedes for another quick repair (they have excellent Saturday hours) and based on these experiences I'm planning to make G&N Motors my Mercedes Benz Repair and Service shop. Highly recommended.‎
Honest Mercedes Benz Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Joe
Meeting The Right Professionals, When you need legal advice, you go to an attorney, when you need a physical checkup, you go to a doctor, if you need a Mercedes Benz specialist, you definitely should go to G&N Motors. I bought my first Mercedes Benz S63 ever, without knowing enough about it and made the mistake of not checking it out properly beforehand. Needless to say i got scammed, and was left with my S63 Mercedes Benz, needing substantial repairs.

In this hopeless situation I was dreading the experience of going to a mechanic, but one of my friends recommended G&N Motors for Mercedes Benz Service, and I decided to take it there to see what could be done with my Mercedes. I was met with honesty and understanding, although they were quick to point out my mistake of not checking out the Mercedes out properly before buying. I decided to bite the bullet and do the necessary repairs.

What was done was done, and G&N Motors would help me sort it out. I handed the car in on a Monday for front and back rotors and breaks, B Service, motor mount, transmission mount, front suspension work, alignment, and AC work, On Wednesday I got the call telling me my Mercedes Benz was ready in perfect shape. Very quick service indeed, and absolutely NO bs in the process. They were straight and upfront about costs, and why the repairs where needed.

When I came to pick it up, they lifted my Mercedes up on the lift and showed me what they had done plus showed me the old broken parts. I left on a cloud 9. A couple of thousand dollars poorer, but with a great running S63 Mercedes, itemized bill and a huge weight off my shoulders. Later in the evening, they called me up just to ask if the car was running ok and if I was happy with everything. Amazing. You won't find that kind of concern for your customers at many places(regardless of business) in this country. I strongly recommend these guys.
World Class Mercedes Benz Repair and Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Marcie
Let me ask you. What do you look for when choosing a Mercedes Benz Repair and Service expert? Well, I want someone who is knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy. G&N Motors is the place ! About 3 years ago, my Mercedes Benz technician of many years was nearing retirement and I was very concerned about finding another honest Mercedes Benz Technician.

At that time I had just returned from the Mercedes Benz dealer who failed to figure out my problem with my air conditioner and ripped me off for about $1500.. I searched on Google and saw G&N Motors, Mercedes Benz Repair Service, I immediately called them about my AC problem, And i took my Mercedes to G&N Motors.I was instantly won over with what I recognized as a fair, honest and reliable Mercedes Benz Technicians. And I feel his prices are fair, and that's great. I feel if you get a lower price somewhere else then you are getting lower quality. I've always been one who believes that you have to pay to get the job done right.

I've had a few difficult car problems to figure out over the years, and G&N Motors, had kept at resolving the issues and has always come through. They are attentive to your individual problems. There might be others out there, but a good Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Doctors, are hard to find. Well, there's no need to look further than G&N Motors! ALSO i love that they are open on Saturdays TOO!
Mercedes Benz Transmission Troubleshooter‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Mario
G&N Motors is awesome!!! SUPER friendly and they REALLY know Mercedes Benz transmissions... I have a 1995 S500 Mercedes Benz with an automatic transmission that stopped being able to go into reverse (apparently a very common problem I've found out after some research) After taking it to Santa Monica Mercedes Benz Dealer, and getting quoted $6700 to fix it, I decided it was time to look for an independent Mercedes Benz Service And Repair Facility.

I found G&N Motors on Google listing and they had great reviews, and top rating. They were in West Los Angeles, and i live in Marina Del Ray, so I decided to give them a call. I called, spoke to one of the technicians, and told him i had a Mercedes Benz S500 '95, and before I could even say what the problem was he said "let me guess, can't go in reverse?" Pleasantly amazed I said yes and he told me, he gets a ton of these cases with reverse problem from 1981 to 1995 model Mercedes, He quoted me a reasonable price. He originally was supposed to have my car towed from Santa Monica Mercedes, to his shop but I ended up driving it there slowly. Dropped my Mercedes Benz in on Friday Morning, and I picked it up 5:30 PM Friday night.

He gave me a whole tutorial on how my transmission worked and explained all the details on what happened to my transmission causing it to fail. He lines the interior of your car with plastic to keep it clean. The shop itself looks great and very professional, they work only on Mercedes Benz Vehicles. My transmission is great in fact the shifting is definitely tighter and more crisp than when i brought it in. He warranties the transmission work reverse for 2 year, 24000 miles. where most shops will only do 6 to 12 months. I'm done with taking my car to the dealer and being severly over-charged for services, especially Santa Monica Mercedes Benz, or even Beverly Hills!!!

So yea, if you have a transmission problem, or any other problem for your Mercedes Benz Vehicle, go to G&N Motors, it is the best alternative service and repair facility.
Why I Love Mercedes Benz Service by G&N Motors
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Zach
My wife and I were told about G&N Motors, Mercedes Benz Service and Repair, by a friend who takes his Mercedes Benz there. We were in need of a new radiator and the Mercedes Benz dealer's price was more than my car was worth. G&N Motors fixed my Mercedes S500 AMG quickly and the charge was very reasonable. Since then, my wife and I have purchased three additional Mercedes Benz and G&N Motors have taken great care of them all.G&N Motors does great repair work for a very fair price.

My wife and I both have to drive long distances for work, we drive from New Port Beach to Ventura, and if our Mercedes Benz aren't running well, we are in big trouble. We can't afford to have a less then great auto repair shop when we need one. We absolutely trust G&N Motors to take the best of care of our Mercedes Benz Cars, and to charge us a fair price. we have recommended G&N Motors to all our friends, and many of them go there and are as happy as we are. An additional plus is that the customer service is stellar. I often sit and wait while my oil is being changed because all the staff and technicians that work there are so nice. Honestly, my wife and I look forward to oil changes A or B Services and break jobs, or minor maintenance servicing, because G&N Motors, a treat us like friends.

We are never going to take any of our vehicles anywhere else. Why would we? We have always had great experiences with G&N Motors, because they deliver timely and professional repairs on Mercedes Benz vehicles at a very fair price and they are genuinely nice folks too.They are very knowledgeable and experts, I wish every business I patronize were as exceptional as G&N Motors, Mercedes Benz Service and Repair.
G&N is the BEST Mercedes Benz repairs‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Matt

My Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG was in need of desperate help and my friend came through for me when I needed it the most. I had just completed installing a used supercharge on my 2004 SL55 AMG Mercedes and when I started it up there were major problems. It was smoking like crazy and the check engine light was on. I tried to figure it out myself, but soon found that I was in over my head. I decided to bring it in to a shop, but I had no idea where to take it.

I did a Google search for Mercedes Benz, and found G&N Motors. I called on a Saturday at 2:00pm they were closing the shop and the manager answered the phone. I asked if I could tow My Mercedes Benz to their shop to look at.I live in Marina Del Ray. He said no problem, so that's what I did. Turns out there was oil being sucked into the intake manifold due to a faulty valve. In addition, the motor had 125000 miles on it, and had seen numerous track days and autocrosses. I probably wasn't thinking clearly when I decided to install a used supercharger myself, because as it turned out the head gasket was leaking, the valve seals were leaking, and it was burning oil. G&N Motors highly recommended that I replace the rings and have the head machined.

I'm going to be honest, I wasn't prepared to spend a lot of money on the my Mercedes Benz, and when I found out what the story was I was pretty upset. But I made the decision to move forward because I love my AMG Mercedes and I couldn't think of any other car to buy that would be better than my SL55 AMG. G&N Motors assured me that the engine would feel brand new, and that the supercharger would be working perfectly. The technitions worked on the car for a few weeks and I stopped by a few times to check it out. He really knew what he was doing and he showed me everything that he was fixing. Believe me, he does not do a half-ass job, and as he said to me, "We only do things one way here, and that's the right way." So I felt my Mercedes Benz SL was in good hands. The time finally came to pick up My Mercedes Benz.

It was quite a bill, but then again I had the entire engine rebuilt and a supercharger installed. I had to break in the motor by keeping the RPMs under 4000 for 600 miles. After that I could finally push it. Let's just say the Mercedes is scary fast. It can hang with Lamborghini and Ferraris. And the engine is smooth as butter. Needless to say I was very happy with their work.They are a really professional Mercedes Benz service and repair facility.I will give them more than 5 stars i wish i could give them 20.
"Two Thumbs up" Mercedes Benz Service & Repairs
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jimmy
While most people dread taking their car in for repair, G&N Motors actually makes the experience enjoyable. From getting an appointment, to the wait time, to the price, to the people, G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service is exceptional in every way. They are prompt, professional, and efficient. George is always excellent about accommodating me without making me wait forever for an appointment and gets the work done on my 2000 Mercedes Benz S500 quickly, knowing that time is of the essence.

The technitions at G&N Motors have a customer-first mentality and always make you feel taken care of. My 2000 Mercedes Benz S500 with 160000 miles on it and it's still is running great like a dream thanks to the efforts of the G&N Motors and the team. These guys know what they are doing and don't jerk you around like the dealer does or other shops. Recently, I needed to replace the control arm bushings,the bull joints, the trust arm,and my suspension pump - a repair that I used to have done for the dealer. G&N Motors did it literally for a reasonable price. A friend of mine who is a technition at the Mercedes Benz dealer in Santa Monica told me about G&N Motors.They are an honest Mercedes Benz shop. I can't thank him enough for the tip.

G&N Motors and the shop foreman and one of the technition always thoroughly explain the repairs and are honest about what needs to be done and what doesn't. I've been to 4 other Mercedes Benz repair facilities and the dealers before discovering G&N Motors and I will never go any where else. I can't say enough good things about G&N Motors! They are very honest and trustworthy.
Best MBZ Mercedes Benz Service ‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Rachael
The best Mercedes service experience I've ever had.I live in Glendale and i work in Santa Monica. My S550 Mercedes Benz was limping around and desperately needed its 10000 mile A. service, new marker lights,a new gas cap, and front and rear brake pads. I brought my Mercedes Benz in at 1pm to G&N Motors, and received a call at 5:00pm because everything was already done.

They gave me a reasonable price for everything.I had a 2 tire leaking and they didnt charge me and they wash my Mercedes Benz and they did not charge me for that either. The service and professionalism here is absolutely 5-star. I felt very respected and cared for as a customer, and walked away with the sense of satisfaction you can only get from the certainty that you got 100% of your money's worth (since G&N Motors didn't even charge me for the car wash and the tire repair).

They care about me and my Mercedes Benz. You should absolutely do business if you have a Mercedes Benz vehicle with these people it doesnt even matter which city you live in it is worth coming to G&N Motors to maintain and service your Mercedes Benz. They run their business the right way, and you won't get a better Mercedes Benz service experience anywhere else.They keep me happy and they put my car back on the road so i could continue doing my business.
Wow Best Mercedes Benz Maintenance‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Tom
I highly encourage anyone looking for Mercedes Benz service,repair,and maintenance to try G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service. I purchased a ML350 2006 last year and had them do a pre-purchase evaluation. They found and recommended a few service items on my new Mercedes Benz, to which the seller agreed. I was pleased with their professionalism and fairness, both to the seller and myself.

My ML350 Mercedes Benz is running great! I live in Long Beach, and it's a bit of an inconvenience to make the drive, but it's worth it for the peace of mind on my Mercedes Benz Service requirements will be done properly and at a fair price. I'll not use any other Mercedes Service/Dealer. My contact person was George, and my experience with him has proven his Mercedes Benz and troubleshooting knowledge and personal integrity. Thanks to everyone there all technitions,manager,and the staff.They are really Mercedes Benz Experts.‎
Perfect and Honest Mercedes Benz repair‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Christy
I currently own a 2005 SL 55 AMG Sports package. When I bought it in July 2009 it needed some work done.I live in Glendale but there was not a honest mercedes benz shop in my area that specialized in Mercedes Benz. A friend told me about G&N Motors Mercedes Benz service and repair so I gave them a call.I needed my ABC Pump and front end work and B service and brake work.They even ajusted my convertabe top and the trunk lid and they did not charge me anything. They fit me in that week and everything I needed done was finished within a few days!

G&N Motors know what they are doing on a Mercedes Benz.They gave me a very good price. I dont know much about Mercedes Benz but everything was explained to me about my Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG in detail.They told me how to maintain my Mercedes Benz the proper way so i will not have any problems in the future. I am going to be a return customer because of there great service.

Where better to go for a new starter than the SPECIALIST! G&N Motors is a great problem solver for a Mercedes Benz! Thanks
Awesome Mercedes Benz Shop‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Noelle
G&N Motors I cannot Thank you enough for all you have done for me and my Mercedes Benz CLS550. After taking my Mercedes Benz to the dealership for all my maintenance services and paying top dollar.I was at a birthday party and everybody was talking about there vehicle 3 people owned a Mercedes Benz all three of them take there Mercedes Benz to G&N Motors. When I first spoke to G&N Motors one of the technition and shop forman on the phone I explained my sickness that I had with my Mercedes Benz. And once we started talking and you explained to me that I did not have to have my Mercedes serviced at the dealership to keep my vehicles warranty in effect.

Then you took the time to show me all the information in the owners manual relating to this. Which states as long as the vehicle is maintained as per manufacturers guidelines that the warranty would not be voided. And after you explained to me that you perform all your services with Original Mercedes Benz Parts and all work parts and labor is guaranteed according to there guidelines. And then you gave me the Estimate for the B Service, front roters ,brakes,rear roters,and brakes. I was due for and the price was lower than the dealership.

Well G&N Motors and staff I cannot Thank you enough for all your time and detailed information on my vehicle. With 4 Mercedes Benz in the family you have a new customer for all my service needs. God Bless! Thank you again,
Golden Mercedes Benz Service and Repair‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Alex
My car is a Mercedes Benz C240, The computer on my car showed me an error message "Undervoltage Consumer Defective". I went to several places and all of them told me that I need to replace the ultinator. Dealer price was around $1400 other prices were around $1000 for the parts and labor.I used to always pass by a shop named G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service and Repair, but i hadn't been there before, i decided to give them a try. When I came to the G&N Motors, they checked my car right away.

Their price was the best. It cost me less then $800 to replace an ultinator on my Mercedes Benz C240. When I found out their prices on Mercedes Benz A and B services, I was also surprised. Dealer charges 4 times more for all of this repairs and maintenance. Why do you want to pay more???

Another thing that I really like about G&N Motors, is that they are doing Mercedes Benz Vehicles only, and they have all the parts on their premises, i didnt even have to wait to order any parts, and they been on the market for over 25 years. Thank you. Highly recommended Technicians for your Mercedes Benz Vehicles!
A Very Trustworthy Mercedes Benz Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Gerald
My Modern Mercedes Benz Technicians G&N Motors, are extremely knowledgeable about my 2003 SL500. G&N Motors was involved from the day I bought my Mercedes Benz SL 500, as they did an evaluation of the Mercedes to ensure the value I was getting for my money.

Similarly, through the time I owned the car, I went to G&N Motors with any mechanical question or problem with my Mercedes Benz SL500 they always repair, maintain and keep up to date with my Mercedes Benz and they were right on point every time, finding the best deal on parts and fixing problems on my Mercedes at a very reasonable rate. For example, my Mercedes had a catalytic converter issue that was evidentally common on 2003 SL500s. G&N Motors informed me that because of this, the parts and labor were still covered under a factory recall for 6 years.

This saved me thousands of dollars. Because of G&N Motors, I just purchased, a S550 2007 Mercedes Benz. I ONLY will allow G&N Motors to TOUCH my two Mercedes Benz, because i trust them.
Honest Mercedes Benz Repair Shop‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Cody
I have an R350 Mercedes Benz, and i love my car.In the last 5 months my Mercedes Benz has been having a Sickness, sometimes, the Mercedes is dieing during my driving.. I went to so many Mercedes Repair Shops, and dealers. They could not find a problem, and they are telling me that I am out of my mind, I can not believe what type of Mercedes Dealers and repair shops they are.. I was sick and tired, so i called Mercedes Benz Of North America, so they can give an idea of what i should do with my Mercedes. They referred me to another Mercedes Benz Dealer In Ventura Boulevard.

I went there, and they kept my car for two weeks. They still could not fix the problem, one of the service riders, referred me to call G&N Motors they are on Santa Monica Boulevard and they are the best Mercedes repair shop and troubleshooter. I took my Mercedes to G&N Motors, i explained the sickness of my Mercedes Benz, they suggested me to keep the car there for approximately 2 days. They called me about a day later, and they found the problem on my Mercedes, which was crank shaft position sensor. He said that it will cost me $350. I gave them full authorization to repair my Mercedes Benz, I picked up my car and i have been driving for 5 months, and my car has been running great.

It performs properly, and is not dieing any more, I am very happy with their service, they are great Mercedes Benz Repair Shop. I appreciate their business and i am another happy customer, i am going to refer all my families, friends and colleagues to take their Mercedes Benz to G&N Motors.
Story Of Mercedes Benz Problem Repair Shop‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By David
Let me tell you my story, i have a CL500 Mercedes Benz, i have a humming noise coming out when i am driving the car. I took my car to the Mercedes Benz Dealer in Beverley hills, they kept my car for five days.. Five days later, they call me and they suggested to replace the ABC suspension pump, and they said that it will take care of the noise.. They called me back 3 days later, and said that the car was ready. They charged me 3400 dollars, i picked up my Mercedes Benz and i drove the car, and there STILL was that annoying humming noise coming out of my Mercedes Benz.

I took the car back 3 times, and they have been playing with me like there is no problem, i was fed up and tired from the dealer, and they did not want to refund my money back. I complained about them.. meanwhile, i was searching for a Mercedes Benz Repair Shop, and my eyes caught on G&N Motors. I decided to call them and make an appt. I took my car for inspection and as soon as I arrived there, I explained my humming noise which is coming from my CL500 Mercedes, one of the technicians took a road test with me, with my Mercedes Benz, and immediately verified the problem, which has made me suffer for 3 months, it was a problem that no one could be able to find, but G&N Motors found the problem.. They told me it needs right front accumulator regulator, which will solve the humming noise.

I did authorize the repair, they charged me 1200 dollars and I picked up the car, I drove my car, and i do NOT hear any more unusual noises out of my Mercedes, im very happy and G&N Motors know how to troubleshoot Mercedes Benz vehicles, I appreciate their Integrity they do great work, they pin point the problem immediately which the dealer could not do. Anyone who wants to screw up their Mercedes, go to the dealer, you will pay for their luxury.

G&N Motors is the best Mercedes Benz Repair Facility, from now on I will trust them with any repair that needs to be done on my Mercedes Benz.
Over 10 star Mercedes Benz Service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Christian
I have been a Mercedes Benz owner for over 30 years because I appreciate the simplicity of style, outstanding performance, technological advances and safety features of the vehicle. My latest mercedes benz is a CL65 AMG. For the most part I have had the maintenance and needed repair work done at the dealership, even after the warranty expired. I recently had the good fortune of being referred to G&N Motors. (by my secretary who has a mercedes benz S500 and takes her car to G&N Motors and shes very happy), that was strictly based on reputation and word of mouth.

I was especially motivated because i heard good things about their mercedes benz technical service and repair. As part of my due diligence, I found that all of the technitons, manager, and shop foreman are all certified/authorized Mercedes Benz technitions from variety dealerships who specialize in Mercedes Benz repair and maintenance and they are also authorized BOSH service center. When i went there I learned more about Mercedes Benz, my car and the CL 65 AMG its performance expectations, reliability,mechanical and parts information as well as technical improvements/advances than I had been exposed to over the last 30 years. G&N Motors provided in-depth detail about my mercedes benz CL 65 AMG (in a way that was easily understandable) about the needed repair, and options available to me, When I came to pick up my car, the manager of G&N Motors took me on a test drive to demonstrate the difference in performance based on your repairs and discussed a needed repair that had safety implications.

I subsequently had that work done, and it also resulted in improved performance. I am also impressed with the cleanliness and organization of their shop as well as the state-of-the-art equipment on mercedes benz vehicles only, that they use to diagnose and repair our Mercedes. Also all the latest Analyzers and testers. G&N Motors is aptly named. You have another loyal customer! I appreciate their mercedes benz service on my car and their integrity.
Great Place For Mercedes Benz Troubleshooting ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By maria

I am so happy that I have found a perfect place for my G500 Mercedes Benz 2005. When I checked out different shops, I always left feeling being taken advantage of because I did not understand what they were fixing. What can a woman understand in car repair? So I kept looking on the Internet until I came across G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service and Repair. I was very impressed by their website, so I decided to check them out. I took my Mercedes For B Service front and back roters and breaks, i had an oil leak on transmission and motor mounts, and a hard to start problem.

They repaired my car the same day i took my mercedes to the shop. They exceeded all of my expectations. They are honest, provide fast service, and more importantly, reasonably priced. They also provide a clear explanation of what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix the problem. The place is very clean too. They have a nice waiting area! I wish I had found G&N Motors earlier, I would have saved time, money and my mrecedes would have been maintained the proper way. Thanks.
Friendly Mercedes Benz Repair ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jerry
After going through the torture (financial and psychological) of a dealership in santa monica, they charged me arm and leg, and they always screw up the prices, and charge me more than they should.. I found G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service Repair Center in West Los Angeles, Finally, an honest and knowledgeable Mercedes repair facility! Clean and comfortable shop, lounge and people!

I came to find out that the technitions are multi year certified Mercedes Benz trained mechanics, and from variety Mercedes Benz Dealerships.. and they are a bosh authorized service center, Completely thorough and to the point, my CL65 Mercedes Benz received the repairs required and only the repairs that were required! WOW, what a nice surprise. Not only was my Mercedes serviced and the repairs completed on time...The Foreman took the time to go over my complete car on the rack with me from Bumper to bumper , including tread left on the tires!!!

Now, the best part...the cost of the repair was less than the above mentioned dealer! I instantly became a permanent customer of G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service Center. G&N Motors even provided me shuttle service to my work and also picked me back up when I had to leave my car for repair. I trust this Mercedes Benz Center, All the parts are genuine Mercedes. G&N Motors Expertise Motor in Mercedes Benz care and maintenance is astonishing. One more thing...I have been back twice due to a dash panel warning light and installation of wiper blades and left the shop knowing that G&N Motors, back up their work with their word and all of their work is guarentee.. I made a substantial investment when I purchased a Mercedes and now I am going to have G&N Motors, mercedes benz service center, keep it on the road for me for the entire time that I own my CL65 Mercedes Benz I had extended warranty on the Benz and the company that I purchased the policy from recognizes this shop for all approved repairs!

I highly recommend this company, this shop and the technitions.. Because of them, im buying my wife a GL 450 Mercedes Benz , because i KNOW that G&N Motors will maintain the vehicle. I will always trust them.
Mercedes Benz Quality Service ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Mike
I have a Mercedes Benz SL 500 2003.. I have been a customer of G&N Motors for a couple of years and I have nothing but good things to say about them. I have taken my Mercedes Benz SL 500 2003 in for regular maintenance, A service, B service,bushings, window actuators, Breaks, rotors, belts and fluid flushings, top problems.. There is no BS from these guys about what I need to get done. My latest fix for my mercedes benz was a check engine light that turns out was just a $10 vacuum hose. Kinda expected stuff like that to break down since my mercedes is at the 65000 miles mark.

I am pretty sure if I took my mercedes to the dealer they would have found something here and there to fix, and they will rip me off. Overall G&N Motors, the best mercedes benz honest, quality service facility has the "your friendly neighborhood repair shop" feel to it, you will never get ripped off, which is great after experiencing the boutique and VIP atmosphere of the mercedes benz dealerships that mask the extra costs with their fancy schmancy customer lounges.

I tell all my friends and relatives that own a Mercedes Benz, to go to G&N Motors, the best qualified Mercedes Benz doctors to work on your merecedes, i trust them with my eyes closed and im pretty sure you will trust them with too with your mercedes benz.
Unique Mercedes Benz Shop ‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Matthew
You know that feeling you get when you take your mercedes benz to a Dealer, and you just KNOW you are being ripped off? I do not get that feeling here. Ever since I started working in Malibu, I have always taken my Mercedes Benz S430 to G&N Motors when I have car trouble. I always get George when I call, and after they get a look at my Mercedes Benz they always explain what is wrong with my Mercedes, why something will cost what it costs, and never tries to upsell me on anything.

You just feel like he really values your service and understands that honesty is the key to repeat customers. No "diagnostic fee", no coming in for one problem and leaving paying for three other "problems", no feeling of being talked down to. I once had a problem with my mercedes benz, and I thought it was my engine. George actually took a ride a with my mercedes benz to listen to the sound. It turns out it was not my engine but worn bearings in my wheel, which after their replacement, took care of the problem. I can not imagine getting that kind of attentive service at a dealership.. or any other repair shop.

Their service is also pretty speedy. I always get my mercedes benz back the day I take it in. I highly recommend this place.
Exellent Mercedes Benz Auto Repair ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Alfred
G&N Motors and the rest of the team are amazing! I have been going to G&N Motors with a S500 Mercedes benz and my second car which is a 2006 SL500 Mercedes Benz for almost 20 years now and I still feel so lucky to have found them. My Mercedes was my first car and when G&N Motors knew this during our initial visit they immediately took the time to explain to me the problem of my Mercedes & how to best take care of it and they always maintained service and they kept my Mercedes up to date which is running like a dream I always maintain it right at the time.

Something the dealership never did. Over the years George and his crew has maintained my trust, always providing exceptional custom and the care and guiding me with what was best for my cars . G&N and the crew is always straightforward in assessments and his prices are exceptional. I am so proud that my Mercedes Benz still performs efficiently and in fact better than most of the Mercedes' that other people I know own or those who only want to go to dealerships and i brought them all there Mercedes' to G&N Motors for repairs.

They always call me and thank me each time when they take there mercedes' for any problem I am positive that this is because the shop foreman,managers and the staff have been exceptionally proactive in responding to any issues on my mbz behalf. I would highly recommend G&N Motors to any Mercedes Benz owner. No one that could fix your Mercedes Benz bring it to G&N.I am very happy from the staff,crew,and the whole shop.They are very Amazing.

Honest and Affordable Mercedes Benz Repair and Service ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jack
I'm 34 y/o Hard working professional who drives daily. I'm not a 'car person' my driving is usually hard on a vehicle. I have a mercedes benz CL 55 AMG. So I had taken my cars to many Mercedes Benz repair shops and plus dealers before and had different experiences - some better and some worse. In every case I felt like I didn't know exactly what was going on, and if I was charged fairly. I was never in control. Until I met this guy. A friend of mine referred me to G&N Motors. He was very religious about using only his services and told me that he was the most knowledgeable and honest mercedes repair shop

I'm full of gratitude for this referral. And this is the only reason I'm writing this review - people should know about REAL and HONEST Mercedes Benz service and repair providers. Anyhow, the manager/shop forman turned out to have a great attitude. They impressed me with there knowledge. He explained all options on my CL 55 Mercedes not just from technical perspective, but from financial one. I knew exactly what I was offered, why I needed that service, what would happen if I chose a different option, etc. etc.

He offered me different options as to purchasing the spare parts,affordable priced ones. I felt like he was my buddy, who was trying to help by offering the best work and charging fairly for my CL 55 Mercedes. The work was done fast and excellent. It still lasts. It wasn't an easy task too. He repaired the engine for a very and rare CL 55 AMG Mercedes Benz. I was impressed with the range of his knowledge. He is basically a brain surgeon when it comes to cars. And he is affordable. S

o I feel like this is a great chance for me to thank him for his professionalism on Mercedes Benz vehicles, honesty. and consistency. I give them more than five stars. Five Stars +
Better Mercedes Benz Service than the dealer‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Dale
For the past month or so, i've been hearing a strange noise from the engine and noticed my GL450 2007 Mercedes Benz was not handling the same. i brought my Mercedes to the dealer and after a hefty bill, the problem was still not solved. a co-worker recommended G&N Motors in west Los Angeles, i live on Hermosa beach, and i decided to give them a shot. i drove in with my Mercedes for an appointment , and they took my Mercedes in.

After They inspected my Mercedes for the noise, they found the belt tensioner was making noise,which the dealer couldn't find out.I authorized the repair and they are friendly, polite, and accomodating to my schedule ( i work unusal hours). not only did they solve my Mercedes Benz problems, but they were kind enough to explain it to me in laments terms. and the bill was Very reasonable as opposed to the dealer who took my money and repaired the incorrect problem, they ripped me off and they dont want to admit it, and they don't want to take the blame. I would highly recommend this Mercedes Benz Repair shop, which is called G&N Motors to everyone!!!

The staff was knowledgeable, polite and accomodating. Never again will i use a dealer repair. G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Repair shop has my business, and they know exactly what they are doing.
Professional Mercedes Repair ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Anna
I have an SL 600 Mercedes Benz and i am very picky about my Mercedes. G&N Motors is one of the only shops around that I've seen the customers handled the proper way, with professionalism Everyones Mercedes is taken care of within minutes and then explained what the problem is, in detail.

It's amazing just watching them work on Mercedes Benz. I had gone in the day before Christmas, but it was really late, and they were so busy. I guess everyone had the same Idea, to take care of their Mercedes before the long drive. But, within 15 minutes from the time I walked in, my lovely Mercedes Benz was taken and I had the opportunity to explain the symptoms, and It was there with me present, under the Mercedes, they checked the Mercedes and showed and explained everything. It was so interesting. They are fast, and thorough.

No joke, these guys are really on the ball. While they made the repair that was needed on my Mercedes Benz , I was able to get some work done. They have tables, coffee and Internet access. It was as if I was in some Internet cafe. Unfortunately in some other places the service is just not there and the people are so rude and they act like they are doing you a favor. You have to wait so long and when you finally get taken care of, it's more like some rush deal where nothing was really done to your Mercedes, but you get a bill as if they spent hours on it, like some dealers who claims to be such professionals but treat you like the assembly line your car was first made on, they treat you like a moron.

But G&N Motors is the best shop for a Mercedes Benz Automotive Repairs. I feel comfortable in so many ways. They make that part of my life, so much easier to take care of my lovely mercedes.
Number One Mercedes Benz Genius ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Miller
G&N Motors is the best Mercedes Benz service facility. They meet with you at the shop and and they go to work. None of the "dealer crap" like at the dealership where your requests get lost in translation. G&N Motors know Mercedes Benz very well, They are very patient, explain things thoroughly, AND their prices are a fraction of the dealership. I drive over 40 miles from long beach, to take my S63 Mercedes Benz to G&N Motors, West Los Angeles, on Santa Monica Blvd. and it is worth it.

I am so glad that I found out about G&N Motors, as it has totally changed by attitude about my car. I was initially a frustrated Mercedes owner as I loved my car, but was always fearful of being being hit with the ridiculous dealership prices...I dreaded every oil change and especially the "two wrench service". No more. I love my car and G&N Motors takes excellent care of it and they are very affordable.

I cannot say enough good things about G&N Motors, and their technitions, they know what they are doing on my mercedes
One and ONLY Mercedes Benz Repair shop‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Carmelo
This is the only place that I trust on my 2005 SL500 Mercedes Benz ...I started going here based on the recommendation of a friend who used to live nearby who had an old Mercedes Benz 560 SL.Had Lots of problems and through his experiences, he found that G&N Motors is one of the best mercedes benz experts. was the only Mercedes Benz Shop,that did not screw him over, and would fix his problem and not charge him if the fix didn't fix it. He had great trust for G&N Motors and all of the staff, and since then I take my 2005 SL500 Mercedes Benz and they never screw us over, something as simple as brakes...

I went to one place where the guy tried to get me to get new rotors and one year later for my next brake job I go to G&N Motors, and no problem with rotors...they dont try to pull the wool over your head like some places will and finding a mechanic you can trust in a city as large as L.A. is a hard thing to do! Thanks.‎
Trust your Mercedes Repair to G&N Motors ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Emily
I have a CL 55 AMG Mercedes Benz. I can't believe it took me a couple weeks to write this review considering how ecstatic I was with the service I got at G&N Motors, When I arrived at my house after work on Friday I heard a horrible grinding sound coming from my breaks on my Mercedes. Really...believe me...I thought my Mercedes Benz was going to fall in to pieces. I parked My Mercedes Friday night and didn't think about it again until the next day when I got that sudden wave of panic over having to find a Mercedes mechanic, not to mention one that won't gorge me for money and unnecessary labor.

I jumped on Google and started the search. A. Who was close to my house? B. Who has the best reviews? Lucky for me all signs pointed to G&N Motors. Now keep in mind they close at 2 PM on Saturday. I called them at 12:00 and the lovely gentleman on the phone said, "Why don't you bring it down right now and I will try to get it done for you by 2". Really! Super...but then I got that sick feeling, how much? I drove my grinding Mercedes to the lot...they began the process immediately. I knew how busy this place was by the 4 Mercedes that pulled in directly behind me. Yikes. I got a phone call around 1:30 letting me know the Mercedes was done and get this...rotors and front breaks...approximately a reasonable price.

Ummm. Yep. I walked down to G&N Motors, hung out with the wonderful Customers in the office,they were waiting to pick up their mercedes, had some good conversation, in the mean time i watched the lakers game on the TV, watched my Lovely Mercedes Benz go for a little test ride and I was on my way. I couldn't believe that in a huge city like LA I found my own little slice of heaven.

I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. Everyone should use G&N Motors for any kind of problem they have with their Mercedes Benz Vehicles, I will go there every time.
The Very BEST Mercedes Benz Repair Around.‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Kathy
I was looking for a Mercedes Benz Garage, which is trustworthy and honest. So glad I talked to my girlfriend takes her Mercedes to this place and highly recommends G&N Motors, they work on Mercedes Benz ONLY... saved me $$$ by not going to the dealership to do the repair! I have a 2004 ML 350 Mercedes Benz.My Right Rear window would not roll up and made 'clicking' and 'cranking' noises - first time this has happened to me.

I was about to take my Mercedes to my usual dealership in Sherman Oaks and they said it's probably a window regulator or a motor problem and could cost $400-600 to fix. I decided to check out this Mercedes Benz shop, G&N Motors and found friendly people. They immediately recognized the problem and said it was probably the window regulator that needs to be replaced. I was so happy.. it took him less than 2 hours from the time I dropped it off and I paid $295 to get it fixed! He even showed me the broken part on my Mercedes ML 350 Benz to explain to me what had happened.

My window was fixed in time before it rained - whew! So happy with the service on my Mercedes Benz... will defniitely go back again and not to the dealership anymore for all my car repairs. They are very friendly, and i was watching them while they were working on my Mercedes, and you are not allowed to do that in a dealership.
Wow, i found a great Mercedes Benz Repair... ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Robert
Last week, my Mercedes Benz C230 Compressor 2005 was acting up. while I was driving, my stereo turned off, my blinkers stopped working, and suddenly my car died! I saw the battery light was on and I tried everything I could think of to fix it myself. I REALLY did not want to have to take it to a mechanic!

I jumped my battery but it wouldn't hold a charge, so I bought a new one for $200 and the next day, I really love my Mercedes Benz, and i like to work on it myself. I needed another jump start to get my car to work! My co worker refered me to G&N Motors, i live and work in Malibu.. so I towed my Mercedes to Westwood, to G&N Motors and found out that my alternator was on the fritz. I have to tell you, I was terrified when I found out I needed to replace a part! I had just spent $200 on a new battery that wasn't working, so I didn't want to even hear the word "repairs"! .

They quoted me a very reasonable price, On my Mercedes Alternator Replacement and made me feel very comfortable, even giving me a little tutorial on what was wrong with my car and what needed to be done to fix it; what was necessary and what wasn't. Now my car is running fine and I will definitely come back to G&N Motors,

I am not going to do any more repairs on my Mercedes, and i am going to take all my repairs and service maintenance to G&N Motors, I will let the Mercedes expert to do the work.
I feel like I have a new Mercedes Benz‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jacob
G&N Motors has been my one and only mechanic ever since I found him. I dropped off my 2005 CLK 500 Mercedes for a B service, tire repair and brake pads in the morning and it was ready at 5:00 pm that same day! I was afraid he would not be able to work on my car, on such short notice, however, he told me to "Come on by". I was running late to pick up my Mercedes Benz and he was kind enough to wait for me at the shop.

I arrived at 6:50 and he was still there - waiting for me. It was important for him to make sure I picked up my vehicle, since it is my only form of transportation and I live in Santa Monica and work in Pasadena. I am so grateful for that and for the excellent work. When I pulled into the shop, I didn't even recognize my Mercedes Benz. Since I have been a repeat customer of his,

They steam cleaned the engine and they replaced the front head light for my mercedes ALL FOR FREE!! It was a great surprise!! He knew I wanted to do these things, but at a later time, because I am a little tight on money right now. But he was kind enough to take care of it for me. I felt like I had a brand new Mercedes!!

THANK YOU G&N Motors and the technitions,staff,shop foreman and manager! GOD BLESS YOU BECAUSE YOU KEPT MY MBZ RUNNING!
Fanntastic price for mercedes benz service ‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Veronica
I have always had my work done at the Mercedes Benz dealer on my 2007 Mercedes E350. Every time I left the dealer's service department, I was ticked off at the price. Never trusting what they were actually telling me. A friend of mine told me about G&N motors Mercedes repair facility. Prior to taking the car into G&N Motors, I was ready to trade it in for a new car.

Now that I have had all the work I needed to be done, it actually feels like I am driving a new car. I can't believe it. I actually saved approximately $2200 over the quote from the Mercedes Benz dealer's service department. G&N Motors manager let me come in before the work was done and showed me what the problems were and explained why some things were mandatory repairs and other items did not need to be repaired. G&N Motors staff is very trustworthy (when is the last time you heard that about a car repair shop), does great work, and the price is unbeatable.

All I can say is thanks for a great job G&N Motors.They kept my Mercedes back on the road. I'm very happy and I recommend G&N Motors Mercedes Benz service and repair to anyone that has a Mercedes.
Happy Mercedes Benz Service Mom‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Linda
G&N Motors mercedes benz certified service facility.I'm a long time customer.They make sure you feel confortable from the time you walk through the door.I have 3 mercedes benz 560SL E320 Cabriolet convertable,S550 mercedes benz.G&N Motors the manager and the technitions are very through with there explanations and they make sure that you understand everything.The best part of G&N Motors (besides the amaingly friendly staff) is the fact that they are trustworthy.

I know when i take my mercedes benz for a repair.NO extra work will be done for them to "cash in"on my car.They are straight forward about the work that needs to be done.I have been going there for a long time and i have zero complaints.I brought my 560SL mercedes,the transmission was slipping. George and his guys actually took on the warranty company for me since they kept saying it "wasn't bad enough"I was 6 months pregnant and wasn't happy with the transmission slipping and not being bad enough.George and his staff made the phone calls for me to ensure my safety and that the warranty company wasn't taking advantage of the situation.Not many people can say that there car repair shop will go to bat for them.

They got a approval from warranty company and they repaired my transmition.I would refer this place to anyone -my mom, daugter, son,etc.There a great Mercedes Benz service and repair shop!
Wonderful experienced mercedes repair shop‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Maria

My car C300 mercedes.I live in Long Beach and I work in century city.Everyday I pass by Santa Monica Blvd I see G&N Motors and there working on mercedes benz vehicles.Some of my friends were talking about it and I was tired from beverly hills mercedes the next day I took my Mercedes Benz to G&N Motors. I took my car for B sevice and front and rear brake pads rotors service.

They are friendly,Professional Factory Trained Factory tools and Computer Scanner,quick and explain everything. My brakes,rotors and B service was fixed in less then a day.I picked up my Mercedes Benz on the same day.Much lower from dealer.You can communicate with the technition and they will explain to you detail by detail.Everything that was done on the car which u do not have that communication at the dealer.

Great and wonderful experience work was done on my Mercedes Benz.They are the best service and repair in California.
Honest, ethical & incredibly fairly priced Mercedes repair shop
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Dan
What you will undoubtedly read as you scan through these reviews is a similar story told again and again. Simply put - this is the first independent Mercedes shop that I truly felt I was getting an incredible value for my money. George (who I learned started the shop with his father 30 years ago) is a great person to work with. He listens carefully to what you need, gives remarkably fair prices for the work and finishes the job as scheduled - no excuses. In addition, you feel confident when leaving that you know exactly where you stand with your vehicle and have a good idea of what to expect on future visits. I recently purchased a 2001 CLK AMG 55 and after taking it in for a pre-purchase inspection at a Mercedes specialist in OC (where I live)- I was given a list of "needed" repairs totaling over $3500. Wanting a second opinion, I found G&N on a Google search and was impressed by all the positive reviews.

So I drove up to LA to check them out and have them fix a minor oil leak that had been identified in the inspection. After fixing the leak, George re-inspected the car at no charge, and told me that in fact not all the items were as worn out or broken as described- and the correct repairs that my car would actually need would be closer to $1500 (including the all expensive front brakes and rotors of an AMG). And that not all of them needed to happen right away as there was still plenty of life in parts the "other" guys told me to replace. Overall - I could not feel safer and more satisfied with a repair company that I am with my experience today at G&N. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a second opinion on any estimate for Mercedes work to be done – once there, I truly doubt you will want to take your car anywhere else.

It is an amazing experience to work with a small auto repair business that appreciates their customers as G&N does - treats them fairly, ethically and provides great service at a reasonable price. They will have my business for as long as I have a Mercedes.
Quality repair mercedes benz service‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Sol
I have five Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing 190SL,SL55 AMG,SLR McLaren,and an S550 Mercedes.I know George when he was working in a Mercedes dealer Wilshire and 17.I used to take my Mercedes there and George used to work on it and when he opened G&N Motors.I started taking all my Mercedes' to G&N Motors.They repair maintain and service my Mercedes' .I moved to Palm Springs in 1995.

I will never take my Mercedes any other place.I drive to West Los Angeles to just go to G&N Motors only.All of my Mercedes' whatever work needs to be done on the car.I give them full authority.They maintain,service and repair.They keep my car up to date.They dont even have to call me I trust them with my eyes closed.

They are BEST,HONEST,TRUSTWORTHY,and FRIENDLY.What more can i say?They are best qualified Mercedes repair and service quality repair facility.‎
5 star mercedes service facility ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Edmond
I was recommended from my friend Mark to take my Mercedes to G&N Motors.I have a Mercedes Benz C240 2003 that was leaking oil from the oil pan gasket. G&N Motors Mercedes service center and his team put the car on lift and figured out within half an hour that not just the pan gasket was leaking, but another part as well. In order to do the job for my Mercedes 1000% correct they recommended to make that repair as well. They called me and discussed all the details with me and I always knew that they are honest and straight forward with their recommendations.

Many mechanics try to take advantage of the situation, not G&N Motors. Peace of mind all the way! Plus George and all the technicians are all factory trained Mercedes Benz certified technicians.The BEST of the BEST Mercedes Benz and Bosch authorized service car center in L.A. by far.

I highly recommend you see George and his team for any repair on your Mercedes!‎
Quality mercedes repair shop ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Dimitry
I needed a local shop due to cooling problems my 2000 Mercedes S500 was having. I have done all previous work to my car on my own but I couldnt figure out my on going cooling issue. I was a bit reluctant to take my car there because I had no previous experience with them. Being a Mercedes Benz enthusiast I wouldnt trust my car in just anyones hands. After hearing a lot of great reviews about G&N Motors mercedes benz repair facility.I live in Kanoga Park.

I decided to take my car to the G&N Motors. I have to say the guys at the shop are very knowledgeable and offer great customer service. My mercedes was diagnosed with a blown head gasket. After extensive research on my part I found the prices the G&N Motors quoted me for parts and labor were extremely competitive. Giving them the green light to begin work for my mercedes, the guys at the shop (shop forman) would continuously keep contact with me to inform me of the progress, at times even e-mailing me pictures.

All in all I was very impressed with the outcome of their work. I will defiantly be going back to them and recommend all Mercedes benz owners to them. Your cars are in great hands with G&N Motors, as if it was their own car they were working on.
Honest, Straight Forward Mercedes Benz Repair‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Thomas
My car is a 2004 S500 Mercedes Benz, and G&N Motors is the best Mercedes Benz Qualified Repair shop I've found. I've taken my car to many places, including Santa Monica W.I. Simonson and Beverly Hills, and other indies, and G&N Motors Mercedes Service is by far the best. He won't fix things that you don't need to fix, and he'll even top off all the fluid levels and check the tire pressures without mentioning it. I've taken my Mercedes in for several vexing problems, and he fixed them and I never had to bring the car back in for follow-ups.

Best of all, his prices are always lower than the dealer. However, he is not the cheapest but has the most quality work, and reasonably fair prices.If you want to try to save a hundred dollars here and there, G&N Motors Mercedes Service is not for you. But if you do go on the cheap, you'll probably find that you'll just have to have someone else fix it again (as I've found). Likewise, if you go to the dealer, it's a luck of the draw as to the quality of repair you'll get, and you're guaranteed to pay more than at G&N Motors, and you are only paying for the Luxury Look. I'

ve now moved to New Port Beach and I'm very sad that I don't have a good mechanic. But, before I left LA, I left my car to G&N Motors for a mysterious noise coming from the rear wheels, and after a week in New Port Beach, I took my Mercedes back to LA to drive the car back up.

Well worth it, as G&N Motors is totally trustworthy and I will not let anybody TOUCH my car except G&N Motors, they are honest, friendly, and they will always be straight forward.
Amazing Mercedes Benz Honest Repair Shop‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By alex32156

My car is a C230 2002 Mercedes benz.I dont write reviews but I felt I owed a review to this place. Its probably the best experience Ive ever had with a mercedes benz repair shop. Its a large shop but they seem to do everything here. All the technitions are knowlegable and factory trained certified.I kept my eyes on their work area,they use the latest equipment and testers and analyzers. Super organized. I spoke with the manager. But the real kicker about this shop is their incredible prices. I brought my C230 Mercedes to 4 different shops and nobody could tell me whats wrong.

One mechanic shop down the street even wanted to charge me more so they can have an expert look at it! I brought the car to G&N Motors,their experts at mercedes benz vehicles and he was able to find out whats wrong within 30 min. The technition explained to me my camsheft solonoits was leaking oil and the oil was traveling in the wiring harnass and going to the oxygen sensor plug. They told me it needs to be replaced with camsheft solonoits and oxygen sensor and the wiring harnass needs to be cleaned in a proper way.I gave them the ok to repair it and I picked up my car the sameday and Ive been driving the car for a month.It drives like a real mercedes benz.

They have good customer service, honest technitions and an honest mercedes benz facility that knows what there doing, and great prices . . . What more can I say? I live in San Gabriel Valley and from now on im going to take my car to G&N Motors.They are number one mercedes benz trouble shooter.

They made my day! I would never go anywhere else as long as i own a mercedes benz.Thanks.
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Mimi
My Car is a CL 500 Mercedes 2004.I have a great story to tell you about this Mercedes Benz shop. I took in my Mercedes for a check engine light that kept coming on. I took my car to 3 different repair facilities, that "specialize in Mercedes Benz." INCLUDING the dealer. The first place I took it to told me i needed 4 oxygen sensors and they charged me $1400 and i replaced it, but the light is still turning on. The second place I took it to, told me that I needed to put a whole new transmission in my car that was going to cost 2 million dollars, I am sorry but I don't even want to tell you what the third place said, it was the dealer.. as soon as i heard the price, i was going to throw up, and right away, i pulled my Mercedes out of the dealer.

I searched on google and I read some reviews and called this place called G&N Motors, Inc. I got an appointment, got there and I left my car there to be diagnosed for the check engine light problem. They called me back about 4 hours later and told me that there was a vacuum leak under the air mass sensor seal. They told me they would charge me $195 to replace the seal, between the throttle housing to the air mass sensor, I can't tell you how happy I was to know that it was only an $195 repair, but of course I thought there was a misunderstanding in the price, but I wasn't going to say anything beacuse I didn't expect to come out of there with such a inexpensive repair, especially since those other "Mercedes Benz specialists" gave me such high price quotes and a wrong diagnosis on my car.

Ever since my Mercedes left G&N Motors, i have been driving the car for 2 months and my check eingine light has not come on, being a 22 year old UCLA student, money is very tight for me right now, and I would like to thank all the Technicians at G&N Motors, for being so honest and not trying to rip off a 22 year girl thats in college.

They are an Honest Mercedes Repair Shop, and i will stay with them as long as i own a Mercedes. Thanks, Mimi
Setting The Standard For MBZ Service...‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jeff

G&N Motors is simply the finest Mercedes Benz service center I have encountered in my 10 year history of owning 2000 S430 Mercedes. I always take maintain and service on the right time with G&N Motors. Each and every time, They exceeded my expectations (if that's even possible) by going above and beyond the call of duty; whether it be fitting me in their schedule with an emergency repair; finishing sizable jobs before the time promised; or taking the time to talk to me or my extended warranty company for what seems like 30 minutes (unheard of in the auto repair industry).

The facility is very clean and George's service technicians are just as friendly as he is. His parts inventory is large and he uses only Mercedes Benz OEM parts and they have most of the parts in stock. If you're looking for an honest, knowledgeable, reasonable, and reliable Mercedes Technician to repair your High Quality Mercedes, look no further. Bring your Mercedes here once, and you will never take your Mercedes anywhere else again.

I am always happy with their service and repairs, and they will NEVER let me down. They take me in anytime i call.
Best Mercedes Repair Shop‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By simon
I have a 95 e320 comvertible and my wife has a 2006 e320 mercedes, and we always take our mercedes to G&N Motors, they have a great staff, and they have the greatest technology, they always fix our cars properly, we are very happy with them and we will never take our mercedes to anywere else except G&N Motors.‎
G&N the best Mercedes Service & Repair in the West
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Norma
George Chouchanian of G&N, always welcomes his customers with a big smile. Since 1989, I have been taking my Mercedes Benz for service at G&N. What's really special about G&N is its honest approach. Being a woman, I find it very comforting that I would always get the precise diagnosis from George. Even over a phone call, I would describe to George what was wrong with my Mercedes, George has always been accurate and precise with his diagnosis. What is most impressive, George would also advice me, whether my car needed prompt attention, or whether I could drive it for so many miles before I have my Mercedes Benz serviced.

I am definitely a satisfied customer of G&N Motors, where great service and honesty is of utmost importance.....I highly recommend G&N for your Mercedes Benz especially to those who are not quite technical. Doctor George of G&N is the best car surgeon. He gives me peace of mind that my Mercedes Benz will get the proper diagnosis and treatment, without needing a second opinion.

AND his pricing is the best one in town...what more could I ask for???? Violeta Lim
Hard to find a loyal Mercedes Benz Facility‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Alex
These people are wonderful. I own several older Mercedes Benz vehicles. I was refered to them by a friend who deals in Mercedes Benz Cars. I took my Mercedes to numerous other shops to work on my cars. Each time it took forever to diagnose the problem, and a lot of cash.My Mercedes never seem to be quite right. My friend and I met at G & N Motors. I drove in, and introduced myself. They were very courteous, and attentive. They started my MBZ, popped the hood, and immediately there were a number of their technician standing around the engine compartment, looking in. They were looking, listening, and probing. I expected the worst.

I told George the manager, that my wife loved the car. In a few minutes George turned around looked at me, and told me the engine is good. He indicated that the noise, and rough idle we heard were related to two small problems. He was really backed up to day. He asked me if it was alright to make an appointment for an other day. I said yes. He explained everything that he needed to do, to address to the car's problem's and what it would take to make them go away. When they were all leaning into the engine compartment, for a moment it looked as though we were in an operating room, and the Heart Specialists were all working around the operating table.

I had a great feeling, and will not only come to them with our car problems, but will tell all of my friends about my experience. I could tell that these guys are professionals. Like the old days, when a mechanic was a real mechanic.They know a Mercedes Benz with their eyes closed. Regards Alex Kahan
Excellent Mercedes Benz Service And Value‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Nicole
I own a 2006 S550 Mercedes Benz. I decided to give them a try after reading the reviews and was pleasantly surprised to find that the reviews were dead on.We started taking our Mercedes to G&N Motors and have had nothing but the best service! After taking our car elsewhere multiple times for the same problem G&N Motors was able to fix it in one try and charged me exactly what they promised. The same service at a dealer would have cost me almost 3 times as much.

The Technician took the time to show me the worn parts and contrast that with the new part and took the time to talk to me about other issues that need to be addressed but at a later time. They are always available for dropping of the car that day, you never have to wait an unreasonable amount of time for service to be complete and they are always courteous and professional.

Would HIGHLY recommend G&N Motors if you have anything that needs to be done to your Mercedes Benz.‎
He fixes them right the first time‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By George
i have been G & N motors customer for 12 years. My 450SL and S500 in running fine due to george because he fixes them right the first time and he's very honest. I would not be a customer for 12 years if he was not the best. My name is pule and I recommend G & N motors for all mercedes services
Great Honest Mercedes Shop‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Charles

This place is unbelievable when it comes to service and quality of work. With more than thirty years of experience on mercedes benz vehicles only, and they are factory trained, certified, technitions,Bosch authorized service center and a great attention to detail, you'll know why these guys have been around that long.

I have a 560 SEL mercedes benz, i have a problem with my idol, it is too high and my ABS light is on, i've been to so many mercedes shops and dealerships and every one of them tried to sell me idol control actuator and ABS control unit and they were giving me very OUTRAGEOUS prices i started asking my friend for a good mercedes repair shop that is a trustable mercedes shop, they reccommended G&N motors is the best Qualified mercedes service center, i live in pasadena and i took my car to west los angeles to G&N motors, as soon as i arrived and i explained my problem and in the matter of a minute, they opened my hood and they replaced a burned fuse top of the overload protection relay and my idol started working normal and my ABS light went off and my car is running great, and they didnt even charge me anything!

From now on i will never take my car to any other place, ONLY G&N MOTORS they are the best mercedes qualified repair shop they are the real deal!
Honest Mercedes Benz Service Facility‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Emilia
I trust my 2002 S55 AMG Mercedes to NO ONE except George and G&N Motors, Even though it may not be a classic yet, George treats it like one. I used to hate it when my car needed any repair because I would always feel completely helpless when it came to finding an honest Mercedes garage that wasn't the Dealership or a total rip off artist.

I knew George when he was working in a dealership when he was located just a block away from me on Wilshire and 17 street he made me feel totally at ease and completely aware of exactly what the car's problem was, what it needed and how much it was going to cost me. I've never met a more honest mechanic in many many years of having my car serviced in Los Angeles.

Trust me, if you go to G&N motors, mercedes benz service center, you will feel the difference and not go anywere else. Thanks George for the years of Great Service on my mercedes and as long as i own a mercedes benz, i will never leave g&n motors because they will take care of me and they know my car from top to bottom. -a customer for life
Hard to Find an Honest Mercedes Repair Shop‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Franko
I had my 2000 E300 turbo diesal mercedes benz at another shop for a check engine light. Some of the items get fixed , but the owner got frustrated with the car for lack on knowledge about Diesels. I limped the car over to G&N Motors, Mercedes Benz Service Center, and within hours George and his staff had an answer for me on my Mercedes. I travel for work and they kept the car for me and worked around my travel schedule. The car now is very fast and gets 48mpg around town.

The nice part about the job is the entire Mercedes Benz was looked at and all the items were delt with on the car. This saves time and frustration for me on having to bring the car back. I live in Orange County and work in West LA, i get to the shop EASY. IF you have a Mercedes Benz Car, or anything that will need work on, go to G&N Motors. This is a very stress reducing shop to deal with. The prices are very fair. The staff keeps you informed with all the steps taken and answers all your questions.

I have found a new home for my Benz and im very happy.. THANKS!!!! Pros: GOOD SERIVCE AND PRICE WITH GREAT COMMUNICATION Cons: NONE

Best Experienced Mercedes Benz Service Facility
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jordan
Had a 2002 mercedes benz E320. the right turn signal won't shut off. I called around a few Mercedes shops, and MBZ shops, and decided to try this place because they specialize in Benz cars, and had good reviews on other internet sites. My first phone contact was positive, the office is well-organized and staff knowledgeable and courteous. The shop looks very clean and very professional.

They found the problem in the turn signal switch and replaced it immediately. The technician noticed the serpentine drive belts are badly cracked, and recommended replacing the belts. I checked my car maintenance records, and another shop had noticed cracks on the belts 18 months before. So this is an honest work that needs to be done.

Overall, I am very impressed that the technician did not simply replace the signal, but went beyond the job and checked out the car's condition, belts, brakes, etc. I will definitely use G&N Motors for my Mercedes Benz Repair Facility.‎
G&N Motors MBZ Certified Mercedes Benz Service & Repair, they are the greatest,best and intellegent.
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jim
I was very impressed with this beautiful shop. It looks like a dealership and it is super clean and organized. I have a mercedes benz SL 55 AMG, i am very picky about my car. I ended up paying half of what the dealership quoted me. You can realy trust this place. George at G&N motors is the manager is great and very honest including their staff. They are very precise and professional about what they do. PROS: Reliable, trustworthy, clean, professional, knowledgeable, fair prices CONS: none‎
Professional Mercedes Benz Honest and Clean Shop ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jessica
I live on long beach and i drive to Newport beach to my work, I have a Mercedes Benz ML 350 2004, i was recommended to go to G&N motors, they are the best Mercedes qualified repair shop These guys are really something, Highly recommended shop super clean, honest and professionals they saved me thousands on transmission replacement that was recommended by the dealer and was not needed, George is the guy that is the manager and he knows his staff and I mean really knows Mercedes Benz from top to bottom, they service only Mercedes Benz and they are the best of the best in Los Angeles.‎
Great Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Center ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Johnny
I have an SL600 MBZ , 2007, i have been a long time customer..It gets a bit gruelling to find a descent not to mention honorable Auto Technician...STOP RIGHT NOW...call George at G&N Motors...you have found a real live 'ring bearer'...Mercedes Master Technicians...sharp, polite and personable...George is also very savvy and an intelligently positioned Mercedes technician.

A keen eye for quality and a not so common-honorable-good sense make an efficient combination for the G&N Motors team. Reasonable repair & maintenance costs ...mean anything? Just the right tools to accurately and professionally render the TLC your Mercedes deserves.

If having a great technician with high standards for honor and integrity work for you...G&N Motors, Mercedes service center, comes highly recommended! Like having your own intelligent pit crew!‎
A Mercedes Service and repair you can trust.‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By douglas
Very nice place with attention to detail. I live in Palos Verdes I brought my 2005 Mercedes Benz S500 for service after a lot of research, trying to find a decent repair Mercedes Benz Service, that is reasonable and qualified to work on my car. Dealers are to expensive and I never felt that I get my moneys worth by going there. G&N Motors was definitely an exception.

The service was personal and professional, the price was lower than what the local dealer wanted and the service was done to perfection. They did not try to up sell me anything just mention that the brakes and rotors will be needed in several thousand miles and are not recommended at this time. I received a clean washed car, a low bill and a thank you.

Two months later I stop by with my Mercedes Benz, for a light bulb, Fluid check, and tire check, it was replaced right away and there was not even a charge. This is my kind of place.‎
Greatest Mercedes Troubleshooting Repair‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Scott
Im scott, i have been a long time customer for G&N MOTORS since 1988 and i live in newport beach but i work in long beach. and i take my car to G&N Motors, i have a 1988 560 SL and my wife has 2006 SL 55 and we always maintain and service and repair our mercedes in G&N Motors, they have a great, excellent staff, theyre staff are all factory trained mercedes tecehnitions.

And they are very equipped with the latest technology and they will keep my car maintained and serviced up to date, i knew george when he was working as a mercedes dealer, and thats the reason i follow them when they opened G&N motors in West los angeles, they are the BEST OF THE BEST Mercedes Repair shop.
Best Mercedes Repair in Los Angeles‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By sheela
I have a SL 600 mercedes 2006 and i always take my car to the dealer, my ABC light was on and i took my car to the dealer, after they inspect the car, they call me for my left front shocks and pressure hose, approximately it would cost around $4000, i tried to get a second opinion, i drive from torrance to beverly hills to work.

I pass by santa monica blvd. my eyes always catch G&N motors, and i see they work on mercedes only, and i try to call them, and i spoke to the manager and i explained my problem, they told me to bring my car to theyre mercedes facility, i tow my SL 600 mercedes , i left the car there for inspection, after they wash and inspect the car, they called me for an estimate and my left front shocks was nothing wrong and my pressure hose had nothing wrong only the hose fitting screw seal was broken and leaking oil and making a mess under the car, and i authorized the repair, they fixed my car, i picked up the mercedes.

They have great service, they are very quick and intellegent they are the best mercedes repair.
Number 1 mercedes troubleshooting center‎ 
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Allie
My Mercedes G500 2004 was stock on a lower gear, and all four wheels was engaged and my transmission wasnt shifting properly. i had my car to different mercedes repair facilities and they tried to sell me complete transmision and over drive. and it was at an outrageous price. I did not let them work on the car and i started thinking about it, I went on google and tried to search "Mercedes Benz Service centers" and my eye caught on G&N Motors and i did notice they have alot of great reviews, and i call g&n motors, and i explained the problem and they suggested to bring my mercedes to theyre facility for inspection, and i towed my mercedes to g&n motors and i left my car there, after they diagnosed my mercedes.

They called me and they told me the problem they found only my overdrive motor, was not working needs to be replaced. It would cost me around $800 and i told them to repair my G500 Mercedes, after i picked up my car, my car is shifting normally and my overdrive is working great i am very happy with my mercedes and G&N MOTORS.
Number one mercedes repair in Los Angeles‎ 
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By cameron
I have a 2003 S500 Mercedes and I always take my car to the dealer and they charged me two outrageous prices and they never fixed the car properly, i had a problem with my suspension was going down, they tried to sell me front shock absorbers and a pump, they coated to me 6000$ and i tried to search another mercedes service center and i was asking my colleagues in my office and one of my colleagues recommended his best mercedes repair shop on santa monica blvd. its called G&N motors.

And i gave them my phone number and i called and i spoke with the manager, i took my car there for inspection, and after they inspected the car, they find out only that i need a pump and relay, my shock absorbers do not need to be replaced and it only cost me $800 for repair.I authorized to repair my mercedes, and i picked up the car, my suspension is working great, G&N motors is the greatest mercedes repair shop of los angeles.‎
MBZ Mercedes Benz and Best Troubleshooting Center
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By JinaB
Hi, im Jina. I have 2008 CL63 and i was in a dealer for my B Service and breaks and roters, front and back, and it was too expensive and they wanted me to keep my car by them for 4 days. I was talking to my friend for mercedes Repair Facility, he suggested to me to talk to George at G&N Motors. They have a Great experience, and all certified Mercedes MBZ technition and i called G&N Motors and i spoke with George, and i pulled my Mercedes out of the Dealer and took it to G&N Motors.

They gave me the car the same day at a very affordable and reasonable price and im very grateful for their service, if anyone has a mercedes benz, try G&N Motors for your problems.‎
My only one Mercedes Repair Facility ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By JackLater6881
I have the greatest repair mercedes facility in los angeles, which is called G&N motors. I have been a very long time customer, from 1991 i have 3 mercedes, 560 SL,S500 and SL 55 AMG, And i always take my car to G&N motors they always take care of my cars and repair it well. and they always send me reminders for my service. I like to keep my mercedes running well and clean. I will never ask what they need to do on the car, they will repair whatever needs to be done, they always keep me happy, they are pretty quick and honest.

I am very happy with my mercedes and G&N Motors. and i will never take my mercedes ANYWERE else.‎
Dream Mercedes Benz MBZ repair shop ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By gdustin360
Hi, my name is Dustin, i have been a long time customer for G&N Motors since 1990. I live in Palos Verdes and i drive all the way to West LA to G&N motors. I always drive Mercedes, the latest car i have is a 2008 S63. I will not let anybody touch my car except G&N Motors, they are great. All the technitions are factory trained Mercedes Benz technitions. They are very knowlegeable,honest and very quick at the getting the job done. Thank you‎
Best MBZ Mercedes Benz Repair Facility‎ 
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Walter
I have a Mercedes Benz CLK 350 and I had a problem,whenever I drove 3 minutes my transmition will get stuck on the first gear.I took my car to a dealer.They suggested to me that I need a transmition it would cost $6000.Then I took my car to a different mercedes shop and they suggested the same problem.I went to google,I was trying to find a mercedes benz MBZ repair shop.My eyes got caught on G&N Motors and I called them and I talked to the service writer.I took my mercedes to an inspection.

After they inspected the car they called me for my cars problem.It was not the transmition,it was my ABS hydraulic pump and It would cost me $1800.I authorized the repair then a day later i picked up my car.My car was running like it had never ran before.

I recommend G&N Motors to anyone. They are the one of the best Mercedes Benz MBZ facility in Los Angeles. -Walter‎
I Rave MBZ Repairs and services such as G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By abbyy1945
Hi I am abby. I have been a customer for G&N Motors from the first day they opened theyre doors in 1988. I have several Mercedes Benz and i always take my car to G&N, and they are great. They are the greatest MBZ Repair Facility, the latest car i have is an S550 2007, and also i have S500 2002, right now i have been living in San Diego and I would drive all the way to LA .

I will never take my car to anywere else only to G&N Motors Mercedes Benz Service Center. They are great, and i leave my cars there. I will never ask what needs to be done and they do the job. They always put me back on the road and i am very Grateful.

I will very highly recommend MBZ Service Center G&N Motors.‎
The Best MBZ Dealer in LOS ANGELES‎ 
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By michael88752
Hi its Michael K. i have gone to G&N Motors since 1988 i have had alot of MBZ cars and the recent cars i have are 2009 CL6.3 and my wife has an MBZ E320 2005, i always take my car to G&N motors, they are great. And they're technicians are all certified mercedes MBZ technicians, and i will never take my car to any other place.‎
Hard To Find A Good Mercedes Repair Shop In LA
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Lorak1248
Hi, this is Lora, I have a 2005 CL600 and i have a problem, my check engine light is on and my car had a lack of power, hesitation, and kept dieing out and ive been to the dealer and a different repair shop, they diagnosed the problem and they told me the leftside coil assembly needs to be replaced and my friend Johnathon told me about G&N Motors and he said pull your car out of the dealer and take it to G&N Motors

They are an Exclusive Mercedes Benz Repair Facility and Bosh Authorized Service Center, I took the car there and I spoke with George, the manager and they had all certified factory trained Mercedes Benz Technitions I explained my problems, and I left my car there and they inspected the car, they called me a day later and they found a problem, my control unit wasnt working and they had the parts stock i authorized to repair it, they gave me the car as soon as possible, my car is running great.

Somewere else they were going to replace it different parts the dealer was going to replace the left coil assembly which was not going to solve the problem. Thank you for G&N and their Staff for determining the problem was the control unit and they are the BEST Mercedes Benz Repair in LA and im very happy.
Best Mercedes Benz technition in Los Angeles.‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Andrewsr4235
Hello, my name is Andrew, and i have been a LONG time customer for G&N motors since 1990 and i have three mercedes 1970 3.5 convertable and i have a 2001 S500 and i have a 2006 SL 55, I always take my car for service and maintaince. George and all the staff at G&N motors will take care of me immediately, and i feel like its my home and my car is running great, I dont have any problems and when i have a problem and i call, they will take me in right away and they will solve all my problems, and i keep my car clean.

I am very picky about how my car should be. And i will never take my car to any place as long as G&N motors is in business.
Best Mercedes Repair Facility In California‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Mellisa
My name is Mellisa I have a S500 2004.I've been screwed with so many dealerships and different mechanic shops and my car has so many problems no one can be able to correct the problems I'm having to go back and forth to different repairs to dealerships and I was invited to a my friends birthday party and we were talking about cars and I was explaining my problems and my friend Lisa recommended me to go to the best mercedes repair shop G&N Motors and she told me G&N Motors will solve my problems and I called and I spoke with George and I took my car I explained my problems,they took me right away.

Then they inspected my car and they called me back because one of my camshift and my fuel pump was causing lack of power and hesitation and sluggish. I authorized the repair they fixed my car and I picked up my car.My car was running great and I enjoyed driving my car.I will never take my car to any other Mercedes Benz place only to G&N Motors mercedes benz repair shop.They have a great shop there whole staff is factory trained technitions. This is the greatest Mercedes Benz repair in California -Mellisa
Great Shop For Mercedes Benz‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By howard25872
I have a 2006 Mercedes benz SL 55 and After three years of taking my excellent trouble free car to other Mercedes Benz dealers I was so annoyed by the experiences and the prices that I searched for an alternative.I have found G&N Motors on Google and nice reviews brought me in and their incredible attention to detail has made me a new customer. My car was needed to get Service B done . So I brought it to G&N Motors, and i spoke with George-he is a manger there quoted me a fair price.He told me about stuff that i may need to do ,but not right away.

It seems that he actually cares about my safety and well being. Now I am taking my Mercedes Benz only to this shop and no other places.
Best and Honest Mercedes Benz repair shop in Los Angeles
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By ruth24725
My name is ruth, i have a 2001 S500 Mercedes Benz, ive been to so many different dealers, and i have been ripped off and they never fixed my car properly. A friend of mine, named Sheela is a long time customer for G&N Motors and he gave me the phone number, I called and spoke with George and my car broke down in the middle of the freeway, i towed the car to G&N motors they inspected the car, which the other dealer couldnt fix, but eventually they determined the problem and my car kept dieing, George called me back saying that my crank sheft sensor was not working properly and they replaced it with a new one. I picked up the car, and my car runs like a champ and all my problems are solved. I am very happy after suffering for a year with no one being able to fix it. Thank you for George and G&N motors they put me back on the road safely, And i will never let anybody else touch my car as long as G&N Motors are in business
Ive been a customer from 1988 for Mercedes Benz service
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By rick911044
My name is Rick, and ive been a LONG time customer for G&N Motors and i have a 2003 S500 and a 1988 560 SL Mercedes Benz , Ive been a long time customer for G&N Motors and I always take the car for service and maintance and any other problems, Whatever needs to be done, they do it without me telling them to do anything and they always keep me on the roads and keep me happy about driving a Mercedes Benz, im very happy about George and their staff, they are great and Number 1‎
Excellent Mercedes Repair
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By frankfrank2437
My name is Frank, I had a 2004 S500 which broke down and i panicked, i did not know what to do, because i did not know a Mercedes Benz Dealer, I called all my friends and finally one of my friends was a life long customer of George, The manager of GNN motors. I quickly went and towed my car there, and they said the problem was that the shifter was stuck and the car was not engaged to drive, I did authorize the repair, They repaired my vehicle in a matter of a couple hours, and i was back on the road doing my business. I appreciate their work and their honest.
Best Mercedes Benz Repair‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By yossi23
My name is Yossi and ive been a long time customer here at G N Motors from the day they opened in 1988. Ive had alot of Mercedes Benz cars in the past that i have sold. Right now i have a S550 2007 Mercedes and i have a 2009 Mcclaren, They take great care of both my cars and i am very happy with George and G N Motors, as long as i have a Mercedes i will never go any place else. They always take care of my problems, they are very honest and reasonable prices.‎
What a Wonderful Experience!‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Martha
I have an S550 2007 and i have a CLS65 2009 and ive been going to GNN Motors, Some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. They were courteous and fair. They do a great job, they have quick service and as long as me and my family are driving a Mercedes Benz,George and GNN Motors will have our business for sure. Thanks guys.‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By saeedketabchi
this is saeed owner of west wood building and contractor company my phone number is 310 666 5549 I remodel houses and offices building I know G and N motors mercedes benz for past 20 years as a excellent mercedes repair mechanic shop i have been taking all my mercedes 190 E and E 320 for past 20 years for service and repairs they always took care of me and very friendy people at reasonable price and excellent service I am very happy with them I would suggest to every body this is an excellent mercedes shop in All over california plus these peaple are very honest and they will pin point problems.I would encourage and Invite everyone who has Mercedes Cars to visit this Facility for Exeptional job and see Mr. George Master technician in Santa Monica blvd just one block east of overland .
Excellent Mercedes and BMW repair shop‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By matt92649
I just got out of this “Automobile Repair Shop” couple hours ago and they did just great repair to my BMW (had radiator broken on the freeway) as I have expected. Unlike most of mechanic shops I have dealt with in the past, I have not experienced any “bad” or even “average” result with G&N (fingers crossed). Up until now, I have absolutely no regrets to have my cars (Mercedes 190E, E320 and BMW 325 and 318i), taking care of over there. If you read my review to the end you'll know why I drive almost 20 miles to have my cars repaired and maintained by George. On to my review: I spent over than a year and a half researching for a good “German Cars Repair Shop&rdquo.

I drive around 25k a year for my business. I wanted to cut my monthly visits to the mechanic shops and I wanted excellent expertise, honesty, fair pricing and professionalism all in one shop. Somewhere that could fulfill my “A” standards, and I found that with G&N motors. Pros: They have the proper equipment for diagnosing Mercedes Benz and BMW's same as the dealership, and they do the service for a way less $$$ cost. It's a no brainer. Actually, I figured out that G&N does a better job, friendlier and they tells you honestly about what "needed" to be fixed and what would be in proper running condition for a while. Communication is a big issue when we have car trouble. George is a Mercedes factory trained with a wealth of experience. He is a professional, polite, and very competent mechanic.

He listens to you, answers all your questions and tries to help you solve minor issues over the phone (whenever it is possible). There's no sales crap involved and no hassle. He doesn't take advantage of you while you're IN NEED to have your car fixed. You will be treated well and you won't go back and forth few times to have the issue resolved. The service he provides is comprehensive. From major tune up, new starter, alternator, radiator, water pump, timing belt, valve cover gasket change, oil service, front and rear brake pads, engine and transmission rebuilding, …..ect. Cons: The waiting room has only five seats, but you'll feel comfy with the nonstop working environment around you. This would not take any star off my ratings though. Overall:

If you are looking for an early model or newer model Mercedes and BMW mechanic with excellent service (AAA rating) who don't charge an arm and a leg try calling this shop. I highly recommend them to everyone with a Mercedes or BMW. I will be updating my review once a year.

I hope my review helped you before making your investment on fixing or maintaining your car. Good luck with your search. Keep up the good honest work, George. It goes a long way!
Greatest Mercedes Benz Repair‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jason
My name is Jason, I have a S550 2006 Mercedes and i was recommended from my friend Joe to go to G&N Motors and i had a problem with the check engine light. I have been to so many different places and they charged me alot of money and the problem keeps appearing. I went to George, I explained my problems. I left my car there to diagnose the system and they called me back the next day and they did find the solution to the problem.

My cam shaft censor was not working properly and i authorized the repair, and they fixed my car. I have been driving my car with no problems.From now on i am going to take all 4 of my Mercedes for repair at G&N Motors, And i appreciate their honesty and great work!‎
UnbelievableMercedes Repair !
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By elijahthompson123
My name is Michael,I have an SLR McLaran Roadster Mercedes Benz and I always bring it over to the dealer for repair. I had some problems with the car,I always took the car to different dealers and no one could fix it, i was going back and forth so many times but there was no solution, I needed help, and my friends told me about G&N Motors.

Finally i took my car to G&N Motors, I spoke with George, I left my car at the shop, they inspected the car in a matter of a couple hours, they called me and they said that they had determined the problem and I authorized it to repair.

I am very happy and my car's problem was solved! Thank you for an honest repair.
The Good the Better & the Best‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By shoshanateri
G&N MOTORS The Good the Better & the Best The story of George of G&N Motors need to be broadcasted in every news channel …At this time of the hour with so much hostility, I would like to tell my story.

George of G&N Motors is one of the best car repairs in town. I repeat,George is one of the most considerate, kind, honest car repair in town. George, I cannot thank you enough for being there for me, at time when I could not pay you, you look me in the eyes and say...Don't worry about it Shoshana don't worry, I am here for you.

When I first introduced to George I realize how lucky I was, I was happy to find out that there are some good and honest people left in this world...You are certainly one of them George….. Just look at George's eyes, what you see is Purity. George you are a friend,a man of G-d, you are our car Doctor, you are our Motor. We love you George
Totally Honest & Great Work!!!‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By John W.
You just won't find a better place to get your Mercedes repaired than G&N Motors. There's no complimentary cappuccino like at the dealer but, quite frankly, I'd rather have the car fixed properly. I took my car to the local dealer a few years back. I told them I thought the problem was a broken front sway bar mount and left it for them to repair. After the dealer had had the car for couple of days I was told that they still didn't know what was causing the noise but that they did know that I needed $1800 worth of other repairs to the front end. Including new shocks. New shocks had been installed two months prior.

I decided to pick the car up and take it to G&N. After a quick glance under the front bumper George says, "Yup, your sway bar mount is gone - $60 - it'll take about half an hour can you wait?" George and the G&N team really know what they're doing.

They are honest, their prices are more than fair, they only use Mercedes parts and they're damn nice people.
A customer since 1994‎ 
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By darell g.
I had been a customer at G and N since 1994. I have owned four E-Class mercedes. George has taken care of all my mechanical needs. I initially went to several dealerships for repairs, but after several misdiagnosis and price gouging, I was refered to G and N. I am a dedicated and loyal customer. I would recommend this service center to anyone who wants expert service at reasonable prices.

George is honest, fair and reasonable. There are several professionally trained mechanics on staff to repair your vehicle. When your repair is complete, George personally test drives your car to ensure that it is performing properly. My oldest vehicle is a 1992 300E with almost 300000 miles. When I purchased it, it had 47000 miles. George has regularly serviced and repaired it. The engine and transmission are original. No valve job! No overhauls! It runs perfect. Just expert maintenance and repair. He also services and repairs my 2001 E320 which was purchased in 2003 with 32000 miles and now has 157000 miles. It is also runs perfectly. G and N Motors is a shop you can trust!

Honest and Friendly ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Dakotta
I had an issue with my serpentine belt on my Mercedes and George was very helpful and honest in getting it fixed quickly and cost effectively. Something that is very rare to find now a days.‎
G&N- Go Nowhere Else!!! ‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By ira
I have been a customer of G&N Motors since the day they opened their doors. I have known George, the owner, since 1984. It is because of George and his ""great staff of employees that I continue to own Mercedes Benz automobiles since 1980. Not only are you always greeted with a pleasant smile and wonderful attitude, but the level of service and reasonable rates are truly "beyond compare".

I have had no other MBZ dealer or independent dealer go near my car if George and his crew can take care of the problems. And they can 99% of the time. George is a diamond in the rough, a one of a kind owner, mechanic and family man. Honest and ethical as the day is long. A rare combination in this business.‎
The Best Of Best Mercedes Repair Shop In Los Angeles
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By chocolatechiplol
My name is Isiah I can't describe how wonderful my experience with George is.They treat me wonderfuly over there.I have a S500.My check engine light was on and I asked George to inspect my vehicle and immediatly they came like sergeons and they attached the scanner and immediatly in five minutes they told me the problem and they fixed it and I was out of there in an hour and a half.I am very happy I recommend everyone who has a problem with their Mercedes to G&N Motors.‎
The Greatest Mercedes Repair shop‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By fantasymelo
My name is Esther I have four Mercedes Benz S550-E320-S500-SL550 I take all my cars to GNN MOTORS Im always happy and they repair all my problems immediatly and they will pinpoint watever problem i have on my car and they will repair my problems and they will maintain and service my cars as long as i have a mercedes‎
The Ultimate Mercedes Repair‎‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By bcoll91839
From knowing George ( the owner ) for twenty years and I who not only have purchased through as well as serviced my four mercedes with George - I find G&N Motors the most expierenced , customer friendly , expiedited service , they can identify the problem immediatley ,and I have always been confident and 100% satifised with they're work ! We have now handed the baton over to our 18 year old daughter with her mercedes to George There's a reason in our household that we refer to George as the Mercedes Doctor !

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Joe
G & N Motors has been servicing my (multiple) Mercedes Benz cars over 23 years & I am extremely fussy about my cars. They have rebuilt one engine (230SL), rebuilt one transmission (190E), head (560SL) over the years. EVERY repair that they do is completed RIGHT the FIRST time and at REASONABLE PRICES. I moved to Laguna Beach 13 years ago and I still take my cars there only. They are an HONEST and FAIR repair shop.‎
My Favorite Mechanic‎ ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Jennifer
As we females know, mechanics can often take advantage of us. Which is why it brings me to such great pleasure to write a review for G&N Motors. George is consistently honest, and is therefore, the only mechanic I trust. The infinite smile on his face is a sign of his unique sense of patience. With that said, he does a fabulous job!‎
Best Mercedes mechanic in Los Angeles
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By adsbysteve
I have to drive to Westwood to have my car repaired from across the city. I have been doing this for 6 years now because the local mechanics and each area I have tried are not honest and fair with repairs to such an expensive car.

George only uses Bosch parts and has over 25 years of experience which shows even when you just ask him about every day driving tips or on Mercedes Benz technology. I would only recommend George if someone asked, and I have sent people from as far as Redondo Beach, San Fernando Valley, and even outside of Los Angeles County.
I have taken all 3 mercedes here ‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By skenedy
I have had three mercedes over the last 7 years. I have had 3 bad mechanics, I found the most honest mechanic with George. They do exist. I have never paid more than the minimum and have had only good experiences. ...‎
I take all of my cars there‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By George
I have been working with G & N for about 4 years now, and have had great experiences with George. He is very honest and only fixes what needs to be fixed. 

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